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Today I don’t really have 5 things going on because this week for most of the week I was sick.  Yup, you read that right.  For most of this week I have been disgustingly sick.  I guess the move and everything finally caught up with me.  I was out of work for a little bit and I’m actually typing this from my bed half awake.  I will however say that even though this whole week I was talking about how excited I was to finally be on my own again, I will say it sucks being sick on your own!  When I was home my mom would make me tea and her special medicine that would put me back on my feet in no time.  Well I tried to make it myself and it didn’t work (you mix onions, garlic, aloe, lemon, and honey).  So that’s one thing I’ll miss is my mom helping me feel better.  There’s just something about moms that make everything better.

Speaking of moms, if you didn’t get a chance to read my everyday hero story take a look here.  Or if you just want to skip that post and read about how to win a trip for two just click here.

Anyway, sorry for the short post today especially because it’s supposed to be a 5 for Friday, but I’m really not feeling well.  I hope y’all have a great weekend!

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6 thoughts on “5 for Friday”

  1. You look a lot like her, it's the smile 🙂 I don't live near my mum either and I hardly get to see her, I miss her when you need a girly time!
    Sorry to hear you haven't been very well when you do a lot it can run you down, I know how you feel!

    Meme xx

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