5 for Friday


I know I’ve been really annoying with constantly posting
about this giveaway, but there’s less than a week to enter and we’d love to see
more entries!  If you’re wondering what
is being given away you can check out the full post here about the
giveaway.  It gives you close ups of the
Gucci Silk Scarf that is being given away. 
For your convenience the giveaway has been added to this blog post as
well, just scroll to the bottom.
My blogiversary is on Sunday.  Jersey Girl, Texan Heart turns 3!  Stay tuned to next week for some
Orphan Black
I did a whole series about Orphan Black a really long time
ago, but if you want to read 10 reasons why you should watch Orphan Black you
can click here for that post.  Orphan
Black came back into my life last night! 
I’ve been waiting for the new season after that cliff hanger from last
season.  I won’t be putting any spoilers
in today’s post!
Filmed some YouTube tutorials
I finally filmed some new YouTube tutorials in my new
apartment.  With how crazy it’s been I
haven’t had any time up until now.  Stay
tuned because I filmed my first ever hair tutorial!

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