5 for Friday

Y’all, meet Zero.  She
is 1 year and 4 months old.  Her and
Lilly (my other dog, the one on the right in the first picture) get along great and like to play 24/7.  She is a hound mix according to her papers,
however I can already see what other breeds are mixed in there.  I rescued her from a shelter.  After reading through her paperwork it looks
like she was rescued as a puppy in Georgia, then brought to a shelter in
Florida, and then brought up here to NJ when they ran out of room in
Florida.  Pretty much this poor pup has
been alone since day one.  Why anyone
didn’t steal her when they saw her on the street is beyond me because she’s
perfect and beautiful.  She likes to cuddle and doesn’t
understand body awareness yet, so she knocks me over sometimes haha.  She has tiger like stripes which are
awesome.  Zero is one big goofball and
hasn’t quite grasped the concept of how to run properly so she just looks like
a goofy dog, but she will get it eventually. 
She definitely acts like a puppy.  Welcome to the family Zero!
There are two giveaways going on!  The Ewa Bazaar/Gucci Silk Scarf giveaway (click here to see the item) was
extended due to the high amount of interest. 
That giveaway ends 4/27 at midnight. 
Good luck to everyone who entered!! 
The second giveaway that is going on, is a $150 gift card to
Cavenders!  All of these giveaways are in
honor of my third blogiversary this past Sunday.  I’ve added both giveaways to the bottom of
this post so that it’s easier to enter instead of going to the actual posts.
New furniture
The apartment living room couch and loveseat should be
arriving today!  Once I get them I’m sure
I’ll be uploading a picture.  I can’t
wait to start decorating everything and making my apartment my glamorous barn
styled home.  I got brown couches which
is weird because I wanted to stay with a light theme but then I hopped onto
Pinterest and fell in love with what I was seeing with the darker
furniture.  I’m not a huge fan of dark
furniture but I have ideas already on how to make it perfect!  I can’t wait until I have an actual house, at
least this way I’ll already have some things ready to move in!
My Lipgloss is Poppin’
I’m sorry if I just got that song stuck in your head but I
uploaded a new YouTube video this week! 
I keep posting about it because I really love the product I
reviewed.  I wasn’t compensated I did the
review all on my own.  It’s a matte lip
gloss that is seriously the greatest.  It
goes on like a gloss and dries into a matte. 
Check out my YouTube channel to see more details, or just take a look at
yesterday’s post!
Got Accepted
I got accepted for a huge campaign.  I’ll be working with Banana Republic!  Ahh!! 
It’s so exciting, I really can’t believe it.  When I found out on Monday I just about went
bonkers.  I’m not sure exactly what it
entails 100% yet, but I do know that I’ll be getting 2 pieces from Banana and a
chance to be featured on their website! 
It’s absolutely insane how far this bloggy of mine has come and it
really made my blogiversary celebration that much better. 

As a side note I wanted to say thank you.  Thank you to those of you who have either
been reading from the very beginning or those of you who are new to this little
space of mine.  Thank you for all of your
comments and kind words.  It’s so greatly
appreciated by me.  It’s been hectic over
the past few weeks with the move so I’ve been trying my best to check out all
of your blogs, but if I haven’t had the chance to yet, just know that I will
and appreciate everything YOU have done to make this blog successful!
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  1. Oh Monica, what huge news about BANANA REPUBLIC. I would love for them to contact me as well. I am also loving your hair and your dogs are cuties. Cannot wait to see how you style your new apartment and the new furniture. Also huge congrats on 3 years of blogging – so successful too – and thanks for the two great giveaways.

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