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Zero and Lilly update

Well, if you follow me on Instagram (@jerseygirltexanheart) you already know that my little babies are getting along just fine.  They still play and wrestle ALL. DAY. LONG.  However Lilly allows Zero to sleep in her doggy bed and they snuggle like little nuggets lol.  Zero is definitely comfortable in her new home, she finally went one day without having an accident in the house!  It only took 2 weeks haha.  Hopefully she’s finally house broken.

First Hair Tutorial
I’ve had so many of you request a hair tutorial and I
FINALLY made one!  It’s up on my YouTube
channel.  It’s a dutch fishtail tutorial
which is pretty much my go to braid. 
Whether my hair is dirty/clean (dirty as in I haven’t washed it in 3-4
days) I’m going out or keeping it casual I love this braid.  It can be worn to so many different
events.  For my holiday party last year
for work which is formal I had this braid, and then I also wore it on move in
day.  I love love love braids, especially
this one.
Cavender’s Giveaway
If y’all haven’t seen yet, I have a giveaway going on with
Cavender’s that ends next week.  It’s for
a chance to win a $150 gift card.  You
can read this post here to see more information and see my lovely collection of
clothing and of course boots from them!  I added the giveaway to the bottom of this post as well!  Also, just as a quick update.  To
everyone who participated in the Gucci Scarf Giveaway, I’m still tallying up
and making sure those who entered qualified and entered all of the mandatory
entries.  For this giveaway I will
announce the winner sometime this weekend or this coming Monday.  Thanks to everyone who participated!
Alright, I kinda, maybe, sorta, bought myself some gardening
tools this week.  I have a first floor
apartment which has a walk out patio.  It’s
not an enclosed one so I’m free to walk around as I please.  Well, there is a small patch of grass in
front of my patio that from the looks of it, was maintained by the previous
owner but since they moved out it’s become invested with clovers and
weeds.  So, those will be taken out this
weekend and I will be adding some pretty flowers to my extremely small
garden.  I never used to like gardening
as a kid, especially when my mom would tell me to help her with the weeds.  Now that I’m on my own it’s a feeling of
pride in my work.  Just a few weeks ago I
had planted some seeds for my future garden and they are already growing like
crazy!  I planted some sunflower seeds
which the one is already a foot tall, and some glories that have wrapped
themselves around the gigantor sunflower. 
This weekend before my friend’s birthday party I will be cleaning the
apartment and gardening. 
Thred Up
I saw Laura from I do deClaire post something on Instagram
the other day and she had mentioned Thred Up. 
I’ve seen soooooo many bloggers posting about Thred Up and never thought
to look it up.  Since I’m living on a
budget now I’ve been trying to find ways of re-using my clothes for y’all here
on the blog without having repeats and I’ve been looking for stores/online
shops that have great prices.  Well, if
you haven’t checked out Thred Up yet, I highly recommend it.  It’s an online consignment shop.  I just bought a pair of white leather
converse for $16!!!!!  Um, last year I
paid $50 for my pink ones!  It was well
worth the purchase and I’m super excited for them to come in.  I mean, how can you beat that price?  They were in mint condition too!  With that being said I have been checking out
the website trying to find another amazing deal like this.  Living on a budget is actually kind of fun
because I get so excited every time I get something for a great bargain.  I did before too, but now it’s even more
Happy Friday Y’all!
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  1. Your dogs are so cute! I am a sucker for puppies, they are just too adorable! And your braid is fab! I seriously cannot get enough of braids and the fishtail is one of my favorites! I'm super impressed you can do it on yourself too- that is talent! hope you have a good weekend!

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