Bell Bottoms


Top:  Cavenders // Jeans:  Mudd (consignment shop) // Shoes:  UGG (Marshalls, old)
You’re probably wondering why my pictures are being taken
indoors.  Well, the weather has been
slightly bipolar here in NJ.  One day it’s
beautiful out, the next day it’s freezing/raining/snowing.  Guess what kind of weather it usually is when
I want to take some outfit photos?  Yup,
you guessed right, it’s usually windy, cold, and either raining or
snowing.  The worst is when it’s overcast
and I think yes, this is awesome it’s perfect photography weather and then as
soon as I am done getting ready it starts to downpour for the rest of the
day.  So if you see any pictures indoors,
that’s why.
Anywhoo, moving on!  I
bought my first pair of Bell Bottoms a few weeks ago!  There’s this consignment store by me that has
amazing clothes!  They have designers and
I even found a pair of Nike platform sneakers (the ones with the heel) for
$20!  That’s insane because those shoes
are originally $200.  I love my
designers, but I also love finding goodies in consignment shops.  The one I went to is called Plato’s
Closet.  For those of you in Jersey, if
you are in Morris County it’s in Ledgewood! 
It’s really awesome because for a consignment shop it is so organized
and it’s definitely not messy.  No this
is not a review, I am writing about them all on my own just because of the
experience I had.
Then I decided when I went on my shopping haul over at
Cavenders I knew that my Texas shirt had to be paired with these bell bottoms
because of the boho look.  This is what I
like to call boho casual and I added the shoes because well, they’re awesome
and one of my favorites in my closet.  I
can’t seem to let these go.
I also love the boho look because it covers up the issues I
have with the weight I gained.  While I’m
in the process of dieting and everything (being sick for 2+ weeks was a huge
set back) I figure I’ll keep it boho so that at least I feel somewhat
comfortable.  I also love that even
though you dress up you can still feel comfortable without having to squeeze
into that awesome pair of jeans that makes your bum look awesome while cutting
off the circulation to your stomach haha. 
I have this issue with jeans because of my body shape.  It’s so hard to find jeans for my long legs
on top of big thighs/butt and a smaller waist. 
I guess I have a pear/hour glass shape body.  I think I’m kind of in between those two
Stay tuned to tomorrow’s post for a special announcement
since we are celebrating my 3rd blogiversary! 


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  1. Up until a few years ago I only wore bell bottoms. I actually used to hate skinny jeans haha. I might need to break out my bell bottoms again. I have been saving them in the back of my closet for them to become cool again, hehe!

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