Black and White


A little blogger blooper for you.  I was trying to get something out of the shot of the camera that was on the ground while my lovely photographer snapped pictures of me doing it.  I almost look like I was doing this pose on purpose.  I love a great laugh when I see photos after a shoot.  It’s so fun!

Shirt Dress:  H&M (old) // Jeans:  DKNY (old) // Shoes:  Stuart Wetizman // Necklace:  Macy’s (old)
I’ve been wanting to change my style a little bit
lately.  With my dark hair I feel more
mysterious and dark.  It almost brings me
back to my punk rock phase that lasted for quite some time.  I may not have “emo” hair anytime soon, but I
do love a good pair of converse.  Anyway,
I’ve noticed that lately I’ve been wanting to wear more black.  This may also be because I’ve gained a few
pounds and black hides everything, but I feel like it just goes with my
hair.  Unfortunately I’m not dedicated
enough to do a full monochromatic look most days, but I have been grabbing
darker colors lately.
In today’s look I’ve worn that plaid shirt dress a few
times, but this time around I wanted to wear it open.  I feel like it looks like an art smock, but
in a fashionable way.  I paired it with
my Stuart Weitzman lace up flats and some jeans.
Even though this look is so comfy and casual it can also be
dressed up.  Put on some cute heels, a
fab clutch, and accessories galore, and you are good to go out to dinner.  You can even belt this shirt dress as well
which I’ve done a few times while wearing it with some leggings or leather(faux
leather too) pants.  Just because this
shirt dress is black and white, doesn’t mean you can’t turn it into a versatile

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