Matte Sunflower Nail Art


I know that I’ve talked about loving the whole matte look with nail art, but this time I decided to take it to a different level.  I actually saw this design on Pinterest and totally fell in love.  I looked up different sunflower nails because I usually do a little bit of searching and then I’ll put my own spin on it, but this one I came across really stuck out in my mind.  The reason being was because it wasn’t your typical sunflower nail art design (which I will eventually do too) with the light summer colors, but no not this one.  This one was black and white with sunflowers and matte.  I had to try it.  My mom’s favorite flowers are sunflowers so it kind of goes with the whole sharing your hero theme that’s been going on.  To learn more about that (you can win a trip for 2) click here!

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