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The ’90s hold a special place in a lot of our hearts as the decade where we grew up or found ourselves or started a family—you can fill in the blank for yourself. But there’s no denying that it’s the last decade that defined itself with iconic pop-culture and fashion. Other than the unisex polo, the 2000s didn’t quite make out with a fashion niche, at least none that rivals the valley girl looks of Cher Horowitz or the eclectic style from Clarissa Explains It All.

If you still long for the days of plaid skirts and mood rings, you’re in luck. Some of your favorite ’90s trends are coming back in a big way in 2016. Here are a few you can run out and grab, or dig out of the back of your closet this season.

Choker Necklaces
Every girl had one or more of these cheap, stretchy, plastic necklaces among our arsenal of ’90s accessories. Whether or not they were actually flattering is another story. In fact, looking back at pictures of the thin pieces of plastic wrapped our necks probably makes a few of us cringe. Without those first styles, however, we wouldn’t have today’s trendy looks in velvet and gold, adorned with jewels or charms. In addition to their amped up elegance, some of the new varieties are also a bit thicker than past styles, up to an inch or more in width. You can still find the classic, thin pieces, but the thicker ones give a fun, new spin to the old design.

However, some of us weren’t blessed with an elongated neck. According to Ruby 71, these chic chokers can look great on anyone as long as you stick to a few specific necklines: Tube tops, deep/cleavage-flattering V-necks, sweetheart or corset necklines, tank tops, and halter tops. Most gold and black styles are neutral enough to fit with various colors and patterns, so pairing them with your current wardrobe should be fairly easy.

Overalls have been slowly making their way back into main fashion for a few months now. But instead of the common (read: slouchy) varieties of the ’90s, today’s are well fitted and come in different colors. They also can have different bottoms, such as shorts, pants, and even dresses. Some designers like to hide them under the guise of classifying them as jumpers, but we all know that when they’re held up by straps fastened to a bib, they’re really just overall dresses.

Better still, this is a style that looks great on women of all different shapes and sizes. If you take a look at Woman Within, their collection features plus-sized designs that don’t make wearers look frumpy or unkempt.

Unfortunately, the trend of tying a flannel shirt or sweatshirt around your waist didn’t come back with this one, so keep those unnecessary overcoats at home.

Dark Berry Lips
As Allure contributor Maddie Aberman recently wrote, “Like sneakers paired with a sundress or salty pretzels dipped in sweet chocolate, dark lips might seem out of place in the spring, but if there’s one thing we learned from the Givenchy show, the look just works.”

The color was once reserved for Posh Spice, but given how pretty and dramatic the shade can be, it’s no wonder deep berry made it among Aberman’s list of “7 Spring Lipstick Trends You’re About to See Everywhere,” along with other dark colors like violet and chestnut.

They’re the perfect way to finish a look. Add a spritz of CK1 for extra ’90s nostalgia and you’re golden.

Fashion is ever-changing, so strap on your rollerblades, throw on a neon windbreaker, and rock these ’90s looks now while you still can!

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