Third Blogiversary!


Dress:  Cavenders // Shoes:  Marshalls (old)
JERSEY GIRL, TEXAN HEART IS 3 YEARS OLD!!!  I can’t believe this little corner in
cyberspace is three today.  This blog is
technically older but I took a 3 year hiatus so I really start counting from
when I started reblogging and I was a little more serious about it.  Before it was just an online journal, but
then back in 2013 I took it seriously and thought of my blog as a great way to
inspire people whether it be with my content or clothing.
There are so many things I’ve learned along the way of
blogging and so many people to thank.  Y’all
know who you are, the ones who take my pictures, the ones who do giveaways with
me, the ones who support me mentally with this. 
There have been quite a few times where it’s become too much for me and
I thought of shutting it down but friends and family talked me out of it.
This little space has been my creative outlet while I still
work in the corporate world.  This little
space keeps me happy.  The people I’ve
met along the way are amazing.  I’ve met
my blogger bestie and so many inspiring women who either have their own
businesses or blogs.  Stay tuned to this
entire week because we are going to be celebrating all week!
Also, the one balloon was supposed to be a cowboy boot, but I couldn’t get it to face the correct way and the champagne glass balloon deflated overnight soooooo, don’t mind the sad balloons! 
Also don’t forget to enter into the Gucci Scarf giveaway below!
**Please note I was given this dress by a brand, however all opinions are my own.

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