Boots, Class, and a little Sass and Happy Memorial Day


^I just really love how funny this picture is.  The wind game was STRONG when I was trying to take these pictures haha!
Boots: Cavender’s // Top:  Von Vonni // Scarf:  Ralph Lauren
For today’s post I wanted to wear the most Patriotic cowgirl
boots I have in my closet in honor of Memorial Day.  I usually write a thought out post for each
Memorial Day because it is a day where I not only remember those who have
perished in our military, but also those who have passed away in my own
life.  I have two very important people
that I think about the most today. 
Especially my Grandpa because even though the actual anniversary of his
death changes every year, it was Memorial Day that year and he just slipped
away from this earth.  I was younger but
I still remember every moment until this day. 
I remember not only the day he passed, but all of the amazing times I
shared with him.  He helped me write my
book about my family at the age of I think 5 haha.  It wasn’t a real book, we took paper and
stapled it together.  He helped me with
the drawings because I didn’t know how to draw my dog.  I remember how he gave me my first stick of
gum.  It was a strange experience for me,
but I remember it being Doublemint gum. 
It had a different taste back then, because it doesn’t taste the same
nowadays, but maybe that’s because it’s not from him.  I remember how he gave me a huge National
Geographic collection of videos (on VHS, that’s how old this stuff is),
magazines, and so much more.  I still
have all of that.  Since he passed on
Memorial Day, every year I go visit him and say a few words.  I know he’s watching over me, and has been
for all of these years.
The second person I remember is my friend Dan.  The person this blog is dedicated to.  He changed my life completely a few years
ago.  He came back into my life at
perfect timing.  I remember one day we
drove all the way to PA to go to Mt. Airy, but not to go inside, just drive on
the outside.  We almost ran out of gas
(well, diesel) and it was so hard trying to find a gas station that had diesel
for cars, not big 18 wheelers haha!  It
was kind of scary because when we did find a gas station it was in the middle
of nowhere and it just looked really sketchy. 
Dan passed away from cancer a few months later.  That’s why on Memorial Day, I always remember
and take a moment of silence for these two important people in my life.

I also wanted to take a minute here on the blog to ask y’all,
who do you remember on Memorial Day.  Do
you have family who served in the military? 
Do you have someone close to you that has passed away?  I think a lot of us take every day life for
granted.  Whether you complain about
having to wake up for work in the morning (which I’m also guilty of) there is
someone out there who is begging to have to wake up early because they would
have a job to put money on the table. 
When you complain about how boring work is, there may be a soldier out
there who is in the line of fire and he/she won’t be returning home.  Thank you to all of the men and women who
served this country and to their families who keep their memories alive.  Thank you for your sacrifice.
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