Friday Five Linkup

Friday Linkup!
Today is my first Friday linkup!  I’ve been running a Wednesday  Linkup for quite some time now (maybe a year?)
and I decided that I’m going to start a Friday linkup as well.  Since so many people do recaps on Friday’s, I
figured why not?  For my Friday linkup it
will be 5 things.  There is no specific
topic that has to be written, whether you want to recap 5 things that happened,
5 of your favorite things of the week, 5 outfits, 5 anything really.  As long as there are 5 (ok if one week you
can’t think of 5 we will let it slide no worries!) things being discussed I don’t
mind what you link up!  I do ask that it
is a Five on Friday type of post, please don’t post outfit posts with just one
outfit, recipes (unless there’s 5), or anything of that nature.  That’s what my Wednesday linkup is for!  I will also be featuring the most clicked on
bloggers from the week prior just like my Wednesday linkup.

Zero and Lilly Update
I said I was going to be updating about the fur babies.  So I think Zero (the newest addition) is
finally settled in to her new home.  She
hasn’t had many accidents on the floor this past week.  It’s only been a few here and there but she
went 3 days without having one!!!!!! 
Lilly is also getting used to her sister.  She’s still showing Zero that she is alpha
and that it was her house first, but not as much as before.  I have to be careful because Lilly and Zero
fight for my attention so I have to give the equal amount to both of them.  So far the only change is Zero not having so
many accidents as before.  Both pups are
healthy and playing constantly!  Lilly
has found this new way of going under the covers to hide from Zero and she just
sleeps there.  Zero knows not to bother
Lilly when she’s under the covers.  It’s
actually quite adorable.

Glory Boon Newsletter

You guys, you HAVE to sign up for the Glory Boon newsletter!  Two new products have come
out and you would’ve already known that if you were subscribed.  There are great products and they are 100%
organic, vegan, and cruelty free! 

May showers bring June flowers?

Ok, so in the month of April it was extremely cold and
barely rained.  Whatever happened to
April showers bring May flowers?  Well,
it’s been raining all week here in Jersey. 
I hate the rain because the worms come out and it just gets all gross
and cold.  Hopefully it’ll warm up soon,
I’m missing the nice warm days of summer.

New YouTube Video

I uploaded a new YouTube video guys!  You can either watch it below or hop on over
to my YouTube channel and subscribe because that would just be extremely
appreciated!  (Insert huge smiley face
here).  I decided to switch it up a bit
this week and talk about beauty trends I just don’t understand.  It’s meant to be comical, so enjoy!

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