Friday Five Linkup

Snapchat!  Username
Ok, so I’ve become obsessed with Snapchat.  I FINALLY jumped on the bandwagon.  I did this about a year ago too, but I didn’t
really become obsessed until now.  I’ve
seen soooooo many bloggers go on snapchat as a way to interact with their
readers.  I would love for y’all to come
interact with me!  I’m still figuring out
how to use certain options so if you send me something or chat with me and I
don’t respond right away, DO NOT get offended lol.  I’m still a noob at this little thinger
magiger.  Make sure to add me as a
friend, I LOVE FRIENDS!  My username is
Monisia87 if you add me you’ll get a little sneak peek at my everyday life, and
what goes on during my days when I’m NOT blogging.

Depuffer Covergirl // Covergirl Foundation //Bare Minerals // Face Brush // Bronzer (mine is Mary Kay but my friend LOVES this one) // Blush-Covergirl (similar) // Eyeshadow:  Maybelline Nudes Palette // Eyebrow Brush (similar) // Liquid Eye Liner (similar) // Black Eyeliner (similar)

^^LINKED SIMILAR PRODUCTS BELOW (bottom of the post)

Must have Makeup

I decided that since I’ve been doing so many YouTube
tutorials and beauty posts, I wanted to summarize my MUST HAVE makeup that I
have in my cosmetics bag at all times. 
If I don’t have one of these things I will live but these are all of the
products I use for the base.  If I want
to go for more of a smokey eye or dramatic effect with false eyelashes that’s
different, but this is what I put on my face every day!  I’ve linked some similar products above and
Missing lots of good insider deals-Glory Boon
Y’all need to subscribe to the Glory Boon e-newsletter!  All of the insider deals that are going on are
amazing!  I obviously can’t tell you
because it’s only for insiders!  Make
sure to subscribe for insider deals, tutorials, and other fun
makeup/beauty/skincare newsletters!
Might cut my hair again
Alright, so I might be cutting my hair again.  I feel bad for it because of all of the
coloring over the past 1.5 years my hair has finally had it.  I’ve tried letting it grow but I think I need
to take the plunge and cut it one last time before I decide to grow it
out.  I mean, there’s always extensions
right?  I wear those all the time now
Did you check out my pet parent video yet?  
I decided to make a fun pet parent video.  It was just me talking about the daily life
of a pet parent.  I feel like sometimes
people think having a pet is easy.  Well
guess what, it’s not.  You still have to
take care of another living, breathing, being. 
Pets are family to me, and I treat them like family.  So, watch the video, subscribe, give it a
thumbs up, all that jazz and let me know if you want to see anything in
particular on my channel!  You can visit
that here.
Since there were only 4 of you who linked up, I decided to feature all 4 of you! 

Jersey Girl, Texan Heart Link Up



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