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Ok, y’all I’m so excited to announce that I’ve recently put
together a little Instashop page on my blog! 
If you look at the top, there is a link you can click on that is called
Instashop.  If you ever like the outfits
I wear on my Instagram I’ll link either the same or similar pieces.  I also will link a save/splurge every once in
a while on those Instagram posts. See below for what it looks like in the tab! All you do is just click on the picture and it will open it up with tagged items.

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Theme Next Week
Next week is a patriotic theme on the blog because Memorial
Day is coming up.  Stay tuned because I
have some fun outfits and a new makeup tutorial!  Or if you want to see the tutorial before the
post on Thursday make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel!
Makeup Fun
Today one of my friends is coming over for some makeup
fun.  We are going to be going over some
makeup basics and since she is on a budget too, so that’s right up my alley!  I’m super excited because this means I get to
have a total girls night doing extremely girly things which to be honest doesn’t
happen too often haha!
Cut my hair

I spontaneously cut my hair, but you would’ve already known
this if you follow along on Snapchat (@monisia87)  I have a bunch of outfit photos with
extensions and will probably do some with my new do but for now you’ll just
have to follow me on social media because I seriously cannot get a good enough
picture to share here on the blog.  I’m
usually on Instagram @jerseygirltexanheart or Snapchat @monisia87

New Video
I uploaded a new YouTube video!  It’s a really short one but I had guest
appearances by the lovely fur children so be sure to watch it above!  Or you can watch it on my YouTube channel!

I have a short Friday 5 post today, but I still want to show
y’all the top 3 bloggers from last week’s link up!


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  1. Loved this weekend's post. I cannot wait to see your memorial day outfits and your new haircut. Loved all your makeup daily neccesites I have seen on your Insta. And good job about opening an Instashop.

    I would love to have you co-host soon, also. =)

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