MDW Casual Wear and Real Talk


Top:  Cavender’s (currently on sale!) // Bell Bottoms:  Plato’s Closet similar here // Converse:  ThredUp similar here and here
Since I’m wearing a crop top today I wanted to take the time
and get something off my chest.  For
those of you who have been following my blog, remember the posts I would do on
Thursdays about body positivity?  Well I
stopped doing that because I actually started feeling worse about myself.  I have gained a total of 40 lbs since my last
weight loss.  I gained more than I
lost.  I actually bought a scale for my
apartment but I didn’t buy it right away. 
I think I was afraid of stepping on the scale at the fear of what that
number would be.  Well, ladies and gents
I weighed 185.  That is the heaviest I
have ever weighed in my entire life.  Now
I know to some 185 is a weight they’d like to be at, and I’m not saying that
185 is a bad weight, but for me, and looking at myself in the mirror it was not
a good number.  My target weight is
maximum 160.  After I saw that number I
didn’t cry but I did get sad.  I looked
at the chocolate covered raisins that I had wanted to eat before I weighed
myself and turned them down.  I put them
back in the cabinet and sat down for a minute.
I decided that instead of crying and being upset about the
number on the scale, I would start doing something about it.  I decided to start walking at lunch time, and
eating healthier.  No more junk food for
me.  I want to lose all the weight I
gained or at least get down to 160 again. 
Since the above picture was taken I’ve lost a few pounds.  I’m down to 179.  Oh and when I say that I started walking
during lunch time I mean power walking around the office building outside (it’s
actually a really pretty view) and instead of eating pizza after a long day, I
settle for a salad.  If you added me on
snapchat (username @monisia87) you would’ve seen my “sappy salad” from last
week that I also snapchatted to my blogger bestie.  Don’t get me wrong I did have a cheat day and
I ate like a savage beast, but I was right back to walking the next day and
eating healthy.  I think cheat days are
actually good.  They are a reminder of
how tired you can get after eating some chips and how terrible your body feels
the day after.  I’m not saying that I won’t
ever eat junk food again, because I love my Taco Bell and Pizza (NJ/NY style
pizza is the bomb diggity) but I definitely have taken a step back from it.
All of my massive weight gain (besides “relationship weight”)
started in September after my accident. 
I was actually on my way home from a dance class that I had been doing
for about a month because I wanted to start working out again but wanted to
take it easy because of my knee.  Well, I
ended up getting rear ended at a red light at 50-60+ miles per hour.  Talk about bad luck huh?  After that accident I never went back to that
dance class because my back hurt so bad, and still does.  I never went to PT at the thought of having
to be stuck with medical bills (which seems to be happening already
unfortunately).  So I stopped caring
about working out and then after my birthday something extremely serious and
life changing happened in my life that would yet again make me step back
instead of step forward.  Life kept
throwing curveballs at me for the next few months after that and before I knew
it, I ate my stress into another weight gain. 
In total I’ve gained 40 lbs since my last weight loss (2 years ago) but
since the accident it’s just gotten progressively worse.  As much as I love food, I definitely need to take
care of myself. 
That whole ramble is what brings me to today’s outfit
post.  Even though I’m extremely embarrassed
about my weight gain, I still put on a brave face, and decided to put on a crop
top.  I thought you know what, crop tops
aren’t just for thinner girls.  Crop tops
can be for everyone if worn the correct way. 
I decided to pair this crop top with a pair of high waisted bell bottoms
and some converse.  This is the perfect
outfit for the Memorial Day Weekend coming up. 
Even though we all know what the holiday is truly about, it’s also the kick
off to summer.  This is the perfect
casual patriotic outfit.

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9 thoughts on “MDW Casual Wear and Real Talk”

  1. Hey girlfriend- good for you for getting this off your chest + taking charge of your situation. We've all been there in one form or another, and you are inspiring others here to take a stand and make a change. 🙂 Sending you good, healthy vibes!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  2. Good for you for putting on the crop top despite your discomfort with your weight gain. If it carries any salt at all, I think you look fabulous! I, too, like food. Like a lot. And junk food. All the time. So I get it. The struggle is real. At 5'8" my goal weight is 180 and I keep fluctuating between 190 and 197. I keep telling myself that if I stay under that 200 mark I'm happy. But I'm not really. At 180 I feel super svelte! So I'm gonna follow your lead now and love my body the way I should and cut back on the junk food! And start walking again. After all, our respective goal weights aren't that far away from where we are. But in the meantime, let's continue to dress up our fabulous bodies in our beautiful clothes and show the rest of the world that we can still look great even as we find our way to our happy place. Remember you are beautiful and fabulous and you have inspired me!


  3. I think you look beautiful – and I agree anyone can wear a crop top. As a side note, I like wearing Converse with my flared jeans too! 🙂 It's nice to see them with flats instead of wedges.

    Good on you for your new health kick – hope it gets you the results you want! A number on the scales is just a number at the end of the day, but the benefits from taking care of yourself and eating healthy will last a lifetime, so it's always good to be aware of what your eating – no matter what makes you change your habits. And cheat days are definitely essentials, everything in moderation is the key 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog

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