MDW Dress. Save or Splurge? and a LINKUP


Dress:  Cavender’s // Lace Up Flats:  Stuart Weitzman (ok, I must admit the shoes were a definite splurge!  I’ve linked up the save and splurge pieces below.)
When I uploaded these pictures onto my computer the first thing
I thought of when I saw them was the song lady in red.  This is such a fun bright pop of red.  Red symbolizes so many different things like
passion, love, happiness, anger, rage, etc. 
That’s why I like the color red. 
It has so many different meanings and it can be interpreted differently
by each human being, not even just by culture. 
Lately I’ve been on a red kick because most of the décor in my kitchen
is red, and that color has made it’s way into the bedroom, dining room, and
living room.  They aren’t big pops of
red, but definitely hints of red.  That
color just makes the apartment feel cozy and warm.
Ok, how do I always do this and get off topic?!  Anywho, I love the style of this dress
because it’s off the shoulder, but not really. 
It’s more of a shoulder cut out. 
The one thing I will say about this particular dress is make sure to
either have a slip at home, or wear shorts underneath.  It’s kind of see through.  This would be a perfect dress for Memorial
Day Weekend if you don’t have to sit on a blanket and watch fireworks.  That would just be annoying to get up and
down in a dress, especially if you have kids or a dog. 
This specific dress is from Cavender’s.  It’s not on sale but it is currently $36!  Now usually most of the time when I mention
Cavender’s here on the blog I’m usually talking about cowgirl boots.  Recently I went on a bit of a Cavender’s haul
to be able to show y’all, it’s not just western wear and cowgirl boots.  There are so many cute things to offer!  Of course you can wear this dress with boots,
but for this outfit I wanted to show everyone how to wear it with lace up
flats.  These flats have been my go to
this season.  I love anything lace up,
and I’m so glad it’s a trend.  Don’t
forget to link up with me below!!  Also, I wanted to show a save or splurge with this dress and the flats.  Now just to let everyone know, I definitely splurged on these shoes (thank goodness for gift cards) but it’s only because I was given gift cards.  However, at the bottom of this post I’ve linked both versions of save an splurge!

Moving on to the top 3 clicked bloggers from last week’s link up!

Jersey Girl, Texan Heart Link Up
Jersey Girl, Texan Heart Link Up


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20 thoughts on “MDW Dress. Save or Splurge? and a LINKUP”

  1. You look fabulous is red! Such an adorable dress. I love the criss cross pieces on the shoulder cut out, too. It adds so much depth and interest over a simple cut out. And I am a huge fan of lace up shoes, too! In all of my years, my 2 huge shoe splurges have been on a pair of Stuart Weitzman boots and a pair of custom made cowgirl boots! So yay to gift cards for a shoe splurge!


  2. Ohhh how much I love this little red dress – in my favorite color and favorite trend of this season. I agree that red conveys so many feelings. Love the bohemian overall look and I love that you are doing a themed week all week. I am also doing a themed week and styling Spring Bohemian looks each day. You should stop by. You would love some of the pieces. 😉

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