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Dress:  Cavender’s // Boots:  Cavender’s (sold out, but click the link for all Corral boots) // Sunglasses:  Stolen from my brother, SORRY MAX!
There’s just something about a pair of bright flashy boots
that catches a lot of people’s attention. 
Whenever I wear these turquoise boots I’m constantly getting compliments
on them.  They are from Cavender’s and I
bought them during my Cavender’s haul a few weeks back.  Now this dress is also from Cavender’s and
was probably the most expensive thing I’ve ever bought from there besides
boots, but it was totally worth it.  I
can’t wait to be wearing this dress all the time in the summer months
ahead.  Hopefully I can keep it away from
my fur children’s paws since they like to always be dirty for some crazy
The other day I was thinking about a lot of things actually,
one of which was blogging.  Someone who
had taken a couple of my pictures when this blog first began had asked me
questions about how often do I post, when do I take pictures etc.  They also work with me at my full time
gig.  Once I started talking about how
much time I actually put into my blog (which is about 95% of my free time) I
realized how much work I’ve done in the past 3 years that my blog has been in
existence.  Then I think about what that
hard work has given me, one of which is the Cavender’s collaboration that has
been long term, well for the past 2 years. 
After that thought went through my head I thought about all
of the big time bloggers, the celebrity bloggers is what I like to call
them.  You know which ones I’m talking
about.  The ones that have modeling
contracts, have been featured in big time magazines, have their own shows,
etc.  I wonder if I’ll ever be one of
those bigger bloggers.  Maybe not
necessarily as big as them because let’s be honest, I’m a little too old for
that now (LOL) but big enough that my little space here in the cyber world goes
noticed by a lot of people.  So far this
blog has been successful, is constantly growing, and helped me financially, but
a girl can always dream about more and have goals.
Then, somehow, my mind wandered and started thinking about
these bigger bloggers.  They all wear
designer clothing, and most of their “deals” are tops for $40.  I don’t know about you, but even though I
work with Cavender’s, purchasing this dress for $80 (originally $100) was a
HUGGGGEEEEE deal for me.  Don’t get me
wrong I love watching these bloggers and their daily outfits, but I can only
dream about being able to have their wardrobe. 
That’s why I decided that since recently going on a strict budget I’m
going to start talking about deals and what not here on the blog.  I don’t have an actual posting schedule so
for now it will be posted sporadically. 
I want to show women out there that you can in fact dress up nicely and
for an awesome price.  I mean just the
other day I got a pair of white converse (originally $50) for $16 from
ThredUp!  I love a great deal, so this
dress will be one of the exceptions until I come up with this content.  However, I will try to post things about
saving and splurging, so for my first one, even though there are way more
expensive lace dresses out there I wanted to compare the Cavender’s one I’m
wearing to Target’s version which is only $24.99 pictured below!!  Make sure to come back to my blog and check
out more save/splurge posts!
Here are a few more save/splurge white off the shoulder dresses to check out!  They go from least expensive to most expensive.
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Now, without further ado, let’s move on to the top 3 most clicked bloggers from last week’s Wednesday linkup!
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**Please note the dress and boots are from my blog collab Cavender’s.

19 thoughts on “Save/Splurge and a Linkup”

  1. Very cute! I love how your aviators pull out that pop of blue from the boots!

    I know what you mean about blogging. I think you just have to get to a place where you do it because you love it and you have fun with it. Others will see that and want to join!


  2. I totally agree with you on the big bloggers and their "deals". Sure, if I was pulling in thousands monthly it would be one thing but I still like a deal and finding one. I can't think of a dress that is "only" $198 as a deal. I think your new section will be great! Making a schedule for it will not only hold you accountable but make people remember that your deals are regularly featured and more likely to come back and visit.

    Come link up at Whatcha Wearing Wednesday!

  3. The dress you are wearing is definitely fun, feminine and pretty. I love the oversized floral lace it has. I have been eyeing that one from Target badly. Thanks so much for featuring my red dress too. I got another red dress on today too – come take a peek.

    Loved your thoughts on the big name bloggers. Your blog is successful. Good job on your partnership with Cavenders.

  4. I love the save vs. splurge idea! I'm always looking for the more inexpensive option. As far as age and blogging…it has nothing to do with it. There are so many over fifty bloggers that are very popular. Women of all ages wear clothes and need older fashion bloggers to inspire them.

  5. I'm all for saving 🙂 in as much as I would happily invest in a good leather wallet (that's because they last me 5, 6 years at the bare minimum), I cringe at the prospect of spending more than $50 on clothes. Yup. I'm a firm believer in how you wear things, and not what you wear.

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