The Struggles of a Pet Parent


Protecting Mommy from the killer small dog across the street -_-

^This happens wayyyyyyyyyy more than I would like it to.

Off the Shoulder Top:  Shein // Bell Bottoms:  Mudd (Plato’s Closet)
^linked Similar items elow as well!

Princess Lilly

Zero the menace (she’s a female too bee tee dubs)
Just as a quick disclaimer, this post/video is in no way
shape or form to discourage anyone from purchasing a pet from a breeder, or
adopting a pet from a shelter.  I wanted
to share this video as a way for other’s to relate and maybe even have a laugh
or two. 
My dogs are little menaces, but in the video they are
extremely calm so don’t let that fool you! 
I think the picture of me sitting with them was the first picture I
actually got them to both pose with me. 
If you can see from the other pictures, it’s slightly difficult to take
pictures with them.  They actually saw a
dog crossing the street so they got upset and were guarding mommy.
I hope y’all enjoy the video!

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4 thoughts on “The Struggles of a Pet Parent”

  1. Your dogs are so cute! And I know the struggle trying to take photos with dogs, it's HARD. They just don't get the importance of facing the camera and striking a pose haha!
    Your outfit is awesome, I'm loving the off-the-shoulder tops this season.
    Stopping by from Tori's link-up!

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