Friday Five Linkup


Weight Loss
Y’all, I want to greatly apologize for being absent on the
blog, meaning responding to all of your wonderful comments and interacting with
you.  I had to get my health in check,
which started with healthy/clean eating and exercise.  I had started feeling really tired and
sluggish, and just depressed about my overall body.  You could probably tell in my posts how
depressed I was about my weight, and even though I know that’s a target weight
for some, it was the heaviest I have been. 
So I started a program (which I’ll talk about once it’s done so you can
see full before and afters) that really pushes me and I have a support group
cheering me on, well we cheer each other on haha.  I was tired of feeling tired.  I was tired of feeling “fat.”  I was tired of not eating anything that is
healthy for me.  So I decided to make a
change.  So far within 7 days I’ve lost
weight and inches.  I won’t tell you how
much until I’ve reached the end of the program!
New Video
Check out yesterday’s post for a new YouTube video.  I talk about how to style your hair with NO
HEAT.  Yes, you read that right, NO
HEAT.  I have short hair and had to cut
some dead ends off.  Now, I also have
fine/thin hair so if I use any heating tool, it fries my hair faster than the
girl with thick hair.  So, since it’s
summer and straightening my hair is just pointless I decided to show a way I
style my hair with just some hair products, and Velcro curlers. 
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First day of Summer
The first day of summer is on Monday.  I’m so excited.  I LOVE summer.  It’s my favorite season because it’s so warm,
you get to see your friends and family more because no one wants to hibernate!
Trampoline Fun

I’m going to jump on trampolines today at Skyzone.  I went a few months ago with some friends and
am curious to see how long I can last this time since my endurance is up and my
body is performing so much better than before.  

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