Friday Five

New Birks
I ordered new Birkenstocks the other day, I’m super excited
because I have been eyeing these down for months.  Then on Kid’s Day my mom surprised me with
some monies to buy them.  So, they are on
their way and I cannot wait to try these on my feet, I mean they are so pretty!  I’ve linked up some fun Birkenstocks below, but the hot pink ones are my next purchase for sure!!!

Ballet Beautiful
As some of you who read my blog posts, you know that I’ve
been struggling with my weight issues a lot recently.  One of my coworkers actually suggested
something called Ballet Beautiful (you can either buy the DVD or just go on
YouTube).  It’s at home exercises that
use ballet exercises.  Now, being a
retired ballerina I thought oh yea I got this in the bag!  Yea, um, no. 
It’s hard.  It’s a good type of
hard though because I actually feel like I’m working muscles I haven’t worked
in a long time.  I’m still walking during
lunch as well, however I’ve started to slowly incorporate a little running as
well.  I also (jeez so many updates)
found a groupon my other coworker suggested for 5 trial kickboxing
classes.  I need to get my bum in gear
and stop feeling so depressed and get rid of this belly fat that has
legitimately made me feel terrible.
Tuesday-Big Day
I have a huge announcement on Tuesday.  It was originally scheduled for Wednesday,
but I really can’t wait to post about it! 
So, come back on Tuesday to see my announcement about a recent
collaboration that I’m super excited about.
Seeing Blogger Bestie
I get to see my Blogger Bestie Ellen from Ask Away Blog
tomorrow.  We try and meet up every 3
months or so.  One of these days I’m
going to have to do a timeline and show how we both have changed over the years
because I feel like the both of us look so much more mature now than we did a
few years ago when we met at Lucky FABB.
Diet Video

Has anyone seen this hilarious diet video circulating
through Facebook/Snapchat.  It looks like
it’s originally through Snapchat.  This
is seriously me trying to diet but then secretly going off and getting bad
food.  I don’t know why I find it
hilarious but I think it’s because I can definitely relate.  Let me know if the link to the Facebook Post
works, if it doesn’t you can always check out my Facebook page for my blog, I
posted it on there the other day.
P.S. I’ve also stopped featuring bloggers during the Friday linkup because there aren’t that many people who link up, but when it grows a little bit I’ll start back up again!


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