Friday Five

Y’all Kickboxing kicked my butt the other day.  I was drenched in sweat it was ridiculous!  As some of you know I’ve been really uncomfortable with my weight so I recently started working out.  Well there was a Groupon for kickboxing at CKO by my work so a coworker and I bought the Groupon for 5 classes.  I was an actual kickboxer in high school.  I earned my brown belt (not sure if this is a kickboxing thing, or if it’s just because my trainer made a belt system since she trained in all different types of martial arts in her day) before I was no longer allowed to kickbox.  Now I’m allowed to do the exercise portion, just no sparring.  With working out I also changed my diet, which brings me to the next topic.
Started 21 day fix
I started the 21 day fix this week.  So far so good.  I’m a little hungry at times but then I just drink a ton of water in place of munching on things like chips or unhealthy snacks.  The system is actually really awesome.  I feel great, and have been actually cooking!  So far I’m on day 2 so wish me luck that I can make it the full 21 days!
Finally got an iMac
I finally got an iMac.  Last weekend the boyfriend surprised me with an iMac.  It was broken so he bought it and refurbished it, since he’s amazing at fixing things.  It’s a 27 inch, and it’s not one of the newest models, but it’s still an up to date one.  I grew up around Apple because of my dad so I’m used to Apple, but it’s definitely going to take some getting used to after using a Windows laptop for the past few years.
Hair Tutorial in the Works
Since I know have an iMac, I also have iMovie!  I was supposed to upload my hair tutorial this week, however I’m still getting used to iMovie so it’s taking me a little longer than usual.  That’s why there was no post yesterday.  I think that was the first time I’ve missed a post in a while haha!

Yes, I know I need a bed frame still lol.  I’m workin’ on it!

Update on Lilly and Zero
I haven’t given an update on Lilly (puggle) and Zero (hound/pit mix) in a while so here goes!  Well Zero is FINALLY potty trained!!!!  She has not had any accidents indoors in about two weeks!  So with that being said, she was finally able to sleep out of her crate this week.  I placed her doggy bed where her crate used to be and she usually sleeps on it but she also sleeps in the bed with Lilly and me.  I caught her walking around in the middle of the night, she had a sip of water and got into the recycling bag (my fault it wasn’t closed it was wide open on the floor) and started having a ball with one of the bottles haha.  I have been starting to leave the pups alone with one another now.  Since Zero understands she cannot walk into Lilly’s crate because that’s her safe zone (and vice versa) I’m not as worried as I was before.  Zero is gentle but sometimes Lilly just has had enough and wants to chill out for a second.  These two also like to watch the cars, and the chair that Lilly is standing on is officially her chair.  She sits in it whenever I’m on the computer at the table haha.
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