Dress:  Cavender’s currently on sale (similar also here and here) // Sandals:  GoJane // Designer Version of the Sandals // Dolce & Gabbana Version of the Sandals
Alright so in yesterday’s post I did say that I had another
DIY for y’all this week.  I decided that
for today’s Save/Splurge, I’d show you how to save and make something
yourself.  There’s this trend I’ve been
seeing with these pom pom sandals that are $225+ and to be honest, for
something this trendy, even though it’s adorable I just can’t bring myself to
spend that kind of money.  With that
being said I decided to stop over at Michael’s, grab some supplies, then order
these sandals from Go Jane for $13.30. 
They don’t have the white ones anymore but they have plenty of colors.  I also bought some charms, tassels, and pom
poms from Michael’s. 
Step 1:  Gather your
Make sure you have your lace up sandal of your
choosing.  Grab some pom poms, tassels,
and charms along with a hot glue gun. 
Make sure you have space to work with, this will get messy and you have
a lot of material everywhere.
Step 2:  Start with
the bottom
Start with the bottom part of the sandal.  By this I mean where your foot actually goes,
not the lace up part.  Glue pom poms,
tassels, or add charms as you like.  You
don’t have to do it the same way I did, this is just to show you how I made
these.  Make sure before you glue pieces
you put the sandals on your feet so that you can make sure the laces aren’t too
tight and everything is in the right place. 
Then take them off and decorate away!
Step 3:  Laces
Here is where the annoying part came in for me.  I would lace the sandals and put charms where
I wanted them.  I didn’t glue these on, I
added the charms and tassels with jewelry rings because in case I want to lace
it different I can adjust the laces. 
Make sure to do this after the bottom half of the sandal is dry so that
you don’t ruin them since you will have to put the sandals on while you do this
portion.  Make sure when you take the
sandals off you tie the laces together so none of the charms fall off.
Alright, so this was another quick DIY for a really trendy
piece this season.  I’ve seriously seen
tassels and pom poms on everything, and why pay all of this money when you can
just make your own for way less?  Don’t
get me wrong the designer ones are super adorable but like I said in the beginning
some of us don’t have the luxury of being able to spend money like that on
shoes.  I’ll link up some designer items
below on top of some lower end items if you’d like to buy these pieces and make
them on your own.  Good luck and if you
do make them tag me on Instagram so I can see it!

Don’t forget to watch this video and check out the new David Yurman Solar collection!

Now let’s move on to your Co-Host and Top 3 from last week!
Hi, I’m Lindsay Ava from Stiletto in the Cloud, where I enjoy blogging my personal style.  I’m currently in my final years of veterinary school. I believe if you are willing to put in the work, you can do as many things as you want, while looking stylish at the same time. I would love if you stopped by. I’m thrilled to be co-hosting today with Monica, on her gorgeous blog.  

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**Please note the dress is part of a collaboration with Cavender’s, however all opinions are my own.

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  1. Such a cute idea!! You are so crafty. I love the new hair btw! Looks gorgeous!! I love coming here for the link up and your creative take on everything.


  2. Super cute DIY sandals! I had saw some like this from online boutiques! Definitely couldn't pay the $225+ for something that's just going to go out of style! Great job on them! Have a great week!

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