Out of Office Straw Hat DIY


Dress:  Ralph Lauren (Old) // Hat:  DIY (regular straw hat here and here)  // Shoes:  Stuart Weitzman (“Save” version here)
Ok, so I’m sure y’all have seen this hat trending all over
the fashion blogs and Instagram.  If you
haven’t, girlfriend you need to get out from under that rock.  I first saw this on Instagram and started looking
around.  The only ones I found were
$100+!!!!  I’m sorry, but I’m not paying
that much money for a straw hat.  I won’t
even pay $50 for a straw hat.  So I
decided that I would make it myself.  In
total it cost me less than $10.  I
already had the hot glue gun, and I had the sequins but I’m rounding the cost
of supplies after purchasing the hat from Walgreens for $5.  It took me a few hours, but it was fairly
easy.  The hot glue just gets a little
tricky sometimes.
Step 1:  Gather your
Make sure your hat, sequin roll (the sequins have to still
be on the string they come on), hot glue gun. 
Make sure your working space is of a decent size because trust me, you’ll
need some space.  Make sure you have
something to put under your hot glue gun so that any excess glue ends up on a
piece of newspaper rather than your dining/kitchen table! 
Step 2:  Outline
Now, I saw some tutorials where the girls actually bought a
special marker that I’m assuming disappears? 
Anyway, you can use that or you can just kind of wing it which is what I
did.  I didn’t want this hat to be
perfect, I wanted it to be fun.  I first
would outline each letter starting with “o” for out of office.  I wouldn’t put the glue down right away
because I wanted to see if the placement was ok.  Then once it was where I wanted it, I remembered
where the sequins were in the spot and started writing the first letter o.  After that I would use the glue as the
outlining tool.
Step 3: How to Finish
Now once you have your first letter finished (whether you
are writing out of office, do not disturb, Mrs. insert last name here to be”
and so forth this step is also for you) you take your glue gun and draw your
next letter.  You don’t have to draw the
full letter if you aren’t working fast enough before the glue dries.  If you are new to using a hot glue gun I
would recommend to almost do sections of the letters not the full letter
because the glue will dry before you get a chance to even get to the end of it.

This was probably one of the easiest DIY’s I’ve done in a
while and I had to do it for those of us who don’t have the luxury or spending $100
for a straw hat with some sequins on it. 
So I hope y’all enjoyed this quick DIY and stay tuned to tomorrow’s post
because I have yet another DIY post on another trend from this season!

Also, don’t forget to watch this video to see the new David Yurman Solari collection!

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