Pineapple Nail Art and HAPPY FIRST DAY OF SUMMER!


Y’all today is the first day of summer!  Hello warm weather, hello tan, hello beach days, and hello happiness!  Summer is my favorite season.  It’s when I finally feel happy.  Go figure I live in Jersey and I HATE the cold haha.  In honor of the first day of summer I decided to do a pineapple mani.  I’ve done a bunch of fruit nail art but today I wanted to just focus on the pineapple because pineapples in my opinion are one of the most refreshing summer fruits (besides watermelons) and you can make so many delicious things with them.  Even though I’m doing this program that teaches me portion control and what’s good/not good, pineapples are actually on the list of good things!  Yippee for me!
Does anyone have any plans for the summer?  Are you excited to go to the beach or are you excited to travel?  I’m going to Poland again in August, and I’m so pumped and excited!

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