Snapchat Filter Nail Art


If y’all are friends with me on Snapchat (username Monisia87) you know that a few weeks ago when I started I liked to play with all of the different filters.  There are so many different filters and they change all the time.  I’m obsessed with the filters.  Sometimes I even take selfies and save them on my phone without posting them to Snapchat because I find them hilarious but don’t want my story to constantly be selfies.  So, I thought why not also put them on my nails?  I wanted to do an emoji nail art but I feel like soooooo many nail art bloggers/enthusiasts have done emoji nails.  I’ll eventually do emoji nails but I felt like doing Snapchat nails first.
Don’t forget to be my friend on Snapchat, if you would like of course!  My username is Monisia87 I post a lot of pictures and videos of my doggies and my snapchat filter selfies.  My real life is pretty boring haha!

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