Straw Clutch Save/Splurge and a LINKUP


Tank:  Ralph Lauren // Duster:  Ralph Lauren // Skirt:  Forever 21 // Shoes:  Marshalls // Clutch:  Gifted // Jewelry:  Rocksbox
This skirt made its appearance on the blog a few years ago
when I first started blogging again.  It
wasn’t as tight before, but I figured since I’m on a budget I need to start
remixing my wardrobe.  Also, I do really
like this skirt.  I think the high low
trend has died down, but I do have a funny story about that.  Now, I do love high low and will probably
continue to wear it because one of my most complimented features are my legs
because they are so long.  Hey, I have to
work with what I’ve got!
Anyway, there is one dress that I made high low a long time
ago when I was in college and then all of the sudden a few years later, high
low was the huge trend.  I should have patented
that!  The dress I’m talking about has
made its appearance here on the blog, and usually does whenever it’s closer to
4th of July and summer. 
This skirt I paired with a casual tank and sweater duster,
along with some heels and this adorable clutch that my blogger bestie got me
for my birthday a few years ago.  I don’t
wear it too often because it’s such an outrageous piece that I love when it
pops out on it’s own without my outfit stealing it’s thunder.
I know I mentioned Rocksbox in yesterday’s post, but I
wanted to mention them again.  This
triple layer choker came from my little box! 
Next week I’ll have a post with earrings from the box as well.  All of these pieces were gorgeous.  I’m so excited to be sending back my first
box to see what’s in the second box!  If
you weren’t aware of how Rocksbox works and you didn’t read yesterday’s post,
it’s a monthly subscription.  First you
sign up.  If you would like to try a one
month subscription for free just type in monicabff141 at check out.  You have to create your account and chose
items that you love.  A stylist will then
gather all of this information and create a box for you that has 3 pieces in it.  This gets sent to you in the mail and if you
don’t like the pieces enough to keep them you just return them hassle
free.  However, if you fall in love with
a piece and can’t bear to part with it, you just send back the other pieces and
pay the insider price for the one you love. 
Once the box is received into Rocksbox a stylist will create another box
with 3 pieces in it.  Then you just keep
doing this.  You can also refer friends to
earn some rewards as well!  Don’t forget,
if you want to test out a free month subscription just type in code monicabff141
at checkout. 

Also, I wanted to link up some save or splurge items for the clutch.  I’ve seen so many adorable straw clutches but some of them with not so nice price tags!  I’ve linked up a few save or splurge pieces below!

Now moving on to the top 3 bloggers from last week and the
link up!

Jersey Girl, Texan Heart Link Up
Jersey Girl, Texan Heart Link Up


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