Farbod Barsum

Just to let everyone know, any bags you see in this post are
part of Farbod Barsum, but before we get into any of the styling of the bags, I
wanted to do a little introduction about the company itself.  Farbod Barsum was founded in 2010 and they
represent the ultimate in couture exotic skin handbags and accessories.  They are committed to quality, luxury, and
refinement.  They are based in Beverly Hills,
and they manufacture their product right here in the U.S. 
“The sources of our materials are sustainably harvested and
dyed in chrome free tanneries making our approach to design both ethical and
ecologically sound.  Our skins are
registered with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Department and meet strict
compliance with the international requirements of CITES.  The designs are hand crafted by master
artisans resulting in wearable art that is sought after by International
Royalty, Celebrities, and Socialites.”
Farbod Barsum hand selects the materials that are going to
be used on each product.  Custom hardware
is hand cast and polished one piece at a time. 
The brand was the first to incorporate Swarovski Crystals (seen in the
last outfit collage with the gown) and feathers on exotics.  They were also the first to source and
implement materials in a couture level such as the use of fused ostrich leg
panels and Pirarucu fish skin.

Now let’s move on to the outfits that I styled to go along
with each bag!

Farbod Barsum #2

Farbod Barsum Genevieve


First and foremost I LOVE this red tote.  How beautiful is it?  The color is right up my alley!  I’ve been a HUGE fan of red lately, it’s just
so lively and bright.  Perfect for so
many occasions.  Anyway, since I highly
believe that a girl should invest in her shoes and her bag for this post I
decided to style these outfits around the bag. 
For this red Genevieve bag I chose to have an off the shoulder dress,
along with some Birkenstocks because those are my favorite sandals for the summer,
some cute sunnies, a watch and red earrings/ring.  I have a similar top like the dress and this
is definitely an outfit I would wear.  It’s
great for lunch, the beach, errands, or even just for a casual summer night

Farbod Barsum #3 Night out

Farbod Barsum Sophia

Night Out

For those of you who have been following me for a while, you
know my love for the color PINK.  There’s
a quote by Audrey Hepburn and one of the lines is “I believe in pink.”  I sure as heck do!  That’s why I wanted to incorporate this hot
pink Sophia clutch into this outfit. 
Since jumpsuits are a huge trend, I figured this would be the perfect
outfit for a night out with your girls, or even just a night out with your
significant other.  The red bottoms are a
must with this outfit along with the black accessories, Apple watch, and some
dark lipstick because why not be a little daring?
Farbod Barsum #4 Traveling

Farbod Barsum Madison


I think this is by far my favorite outfit, and favorite bag
from Farbod Barsum; the Madison bag.  How
beautiful is that blue with the black. 
This duffel and toiletries case are perfect for traveling whether it’s
for a long or short vacation, and I mean it’s a gorgeous bag to strut your
stuff in.  
Farbod Barsum #5 work attire

Farbod Barsum Isabella

Work Attire

Now as most of you know I work full time.  So I’m in the corporate office world by day,
and fashion blogger by night.  I love to
incorporate fashion into my work outfits just because I can’t wear the same
black pants with a black blazer and dress shirt uniform every day.  That just won’t work for me.  I like colors, ruffles, sparkle, floral,
prints, you name it I most likely know a way to make it work!  So for this work outfit I chose to pair it
with the leopard print Isabella bag.  I
mean, you can’t really go wrong with this bag. 
It’s leopard print (my inner “Jersey Girl” loves animal prints) and look
at the shape, it’s so adorable.  The best
part is, is if you’re working late and have a date or dinner with the girls you
can easily switch this bag up to a night out appropriate bag because of the
shape and print.  
Farbod Barsum #6 Gala

Farbod Barsum Brigette

Gala Appropriate

I must confess, I’ve never been to a gala or an event where
I’m pretty much required to wear a beautiful gown.  What I imagine it to be like is in this
post.  That’s why I chose to style around
the Brigette clutch.  How can you go
wrong with pink, alligator, and Swarovski Crystals in one clutch!  Now, if you don’t like this color, they have
many other colors.  My runner up is the
alligator on top of a turquoise color with Swavorski Crystals on it as
well.  Anyway, I chose the pink one
because it just went with the whole look I was going for.  I was going for very girly, but fairy tale’ish
at the same time.  
Farbod Barsum

Farbod Barsum

You really can’t go wrong with these exotic skin
handbags.  They are absolutely beautiful,
the colors are amazing along with the different ideas they had like adding
feathers or Swarovski crystals.  These
bags are simply beautiful!