Friday Five Healthy Lifestyle Edition

Hey y’all!  For today’s
Friday Five I’m going to continue with the Healthy Lifestyle theme.  For today’s post I wanted to talk about 5
excuses that I needed to kick to the curb to get into shape.  As I’ve been saying all week, I’m nowhere
near my goal but I’m getting closer each day. 
There were 5 excuses that I used to always make before starting this
weight loss journey.  These excuses were
what held me back for so long.  I’m going
to talk about how I overcame them so in case anyone is struggling, know that
you’re not alone!
I can’t do this.
NEVER EVER EVER EVER say you can’t do something!  As Autumn says in her 21 Day Fix workout
videos:  Strength doesn’t come from what
you can do, it comes from doing what you thought you couldn’t do.  I definitely agree with her.  Knowing I can do something doesn’t give me
the same happiness as doing something that I thought I wouldn’t be able to
do.  Or even saying I can’t but then
doing it anyway.  It’s a small
I’m not strong enough for this workout.
Ok, I said this SO many times.  Because of past injuries and what happened in
my accident (my back hurts sometimes in certain positions and if I stand/sit
too long) I’m a little out of shape to say the least.  My knee was one of the major problems for
making me sit out on the sidelines instead of actually working out because of
an injury a few years ago.  A lot of
times I would say I can’t do this exercise and just sit down and wait for it to
be over.  There’s modified versions for everything
out there and if you can’t do an entire workout, then find something else that
you can do in place of it.  There are so
many different workouts out there and some are specifically made for people who
have problems a, b, and c.  There are
certain workouts I can’t do because of my knee so I do the modified
version.  My back sometimes hurts so I
need to switch it up, my hip flexor has been annoying me, so I just take it easy.  As long as you keep going!
Just one more.
Whether this is one more day of junk food, or just one more
piece of food, stop saying you’ll have just one more because you won’t.  Well at least I didn’t.  You know saying I start my diet on Monday became
as common as me waking up every day. 
Yea, it got THAT bad.  I would say
it all the time and be ok for breakfast and lunch and then binge during dinner
time.   That one more slice of pizza won’t make you
feel better, if anything you’ll feel worse because you’ll be wayyyyyy too
full.  Ok, so it tastes good yes I
UNDERSTAND but have it in moderation. 
I don’t have time.
This was my excuse all the time.  The great thing about the 21 Day Fix program
is the workouts are only a half hour. 
That’s just a half hour to put into your schedule.  I usually do them after work in between
feeding the dogs doing kickboxing, eating, prepping my meals for the next day,
AND blogging.  Trust me, it’s doable no
matter how much time you don’t have.  Am
I always busy?  Yes, absolutely.  However I work around a schedule.  Everything is usually planned out which is
part of this program.  I love schedules
so this was PERFECT for me haha!
I’m too tired

Yes, we are all tired. 
We all either work, stress, have a family, have a newborn, have health
issues that prevent us from sleeping, have health issues in general or all of
the above.  Yes we are tired, but if you
are eating correctly that gets better. 
When I first started this journey I weight 185 lbs and was constantly
tired.  I could probably fall asleep standing
up if I really wanted to.  Now, I have
way more energy and it’s because of what I’m putting in my body.  I’m actually eating healthy and feeding my
body what it deserves and needs.

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  1. I'm so guilty of "just one more"…but its' usually like…just one more week of eating crap and I'll get back to it. I use to think I could only start on Monday with healthy eating too. LOL…how dumb!

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