Caffeine Queen, Jimmy Case, and a LINKUP


Top:  Cocoa + JAM // Belt:  Burberry (Ewa Bazaar) // Skirt:  Sheinside // Birkenstock:  Zappos // Phone:  jimmyCASE
Ok y’all.  If you know
me you know that I LOVE my coffee.  I’ve
been drinking coffee since forever.  My mom
told me a story about where my love for coffee started.  When I was a little itty bitty baby in my
diapers just barely being able to walk, my mom would drink coffee throughout
the day and leave it on the coffee table. 
When she would come back it would be gone.  She thought that maybe either the dog drank
it or she did without even knowing it. 
That tells you how hectic stay at home mom life is, if you can’t even
remember how much coffee you drank!  The
only crazy part is it was consistently happening.  Then one day my mom caught me red
handed!  It was me the little baby
drinking her coffee.  Now, my mom takes
her coffee strong with no sugar, so imagine me as a baby actually liking
it.  Well my mom learned her lesson to
keep her coffee away from me.

Then once I got older I was always drinking coffee.  I think now it’s not even the caffeine anymore,
I think it’s more of the routine it’s become. 
It could also be because meeting up for coffee has become a thing for me
since I don’t go to bars anymore or out to dinner coffee is the next best
thing.  Coffee is also something I didn’t
have to give up during the 21 Day Fix! 
That is the story behind why I’m the caffeine queen.  I probably drink my weight in coffee!

Now, where can you get this awesome shirt?  Cocoa + JAM is the name of the store you want
to snatch up this top from!  They just
opened their Etsy shop not too long ago and this is just one of many tshirts
they have.  They also carry totes that
have cute little sayings on them.  One of
my other favorites is “idk. Google it.” 
Seriously though the sayings on these tops are adorable and they are at
an affordable price along with shipping being a great price too.  Even though this shipped from California, it
was here in NJ super quick.  I was
actually pleasantly surprised at how quick it was delivered.

I also wanted to introduce another brand that I collaborated
with on this post.  You see that awesome
phone case?  That’s by jimmyCASE.  Now, look closer.  See how there’s a stripe going across?  That’s a piece of stretchy fabric that holds
my money ID and a credit card.  If I’m
just running into a store I don’t want to lug my purse around so this is the
perfect alternative.  Here’s a little
story from the creator of this awesome concept:

starting jimmyCASE, I worked as a TV executive (American Gladiators, ABC Family). I was
always frustrated carrying my wallet in one pocket and iPhone in another — on
the set, going through airport security, or just sitting down with my stuffed
pockets. I kept thinking to myself, wouldn’t it be great to simplify your life
and get rid of your wallet? So I decided to do both: I designed the
jimmyCASE in my Southern California garage and gave up my TV career to make
jimmyCASES full time.
Our mission
is simple: to make a fun, functional and exceptionally well-crafted wallet case
that simplifies your life. 
Why buy a jimmyCASE? 
Elastic pocket stretches to carry what you
– Unlike wallet cases made from plastic or leather which have
limited stretch, jimmyCASE is designed to be used without stretching out.
jimmyCASE’s elastic bands are custom-woven just for us, giving our cases the
flexibility hold up to six cards or bulky items like a car key without
losing elasticity.
Premium construction and materials – Each
jimmyCASE is assembled by hand in our East Los Angeles factory. The wood core
is made from military-grade mahogany, which is incredibly strong and
light. The silicone bumper wraps all the way around the phone and
offers full-frame protection and exceptional lay-on-the-table
No pesky flap – Unlike
folio-style wallet cases, there is no flap to get in the way when you are
talking on the phone, or block the camera when you are taking a picture.

Just to add I haven’t stopped using my jimmyCASE.  I love this thing.  It’s so convenient!  Not to mention it’s also super cute with the
wood look and the different colored elastic bands they have.  Now, moving on to the top 3 from last week
and the linkup!

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**Please note I was given this shirt and phone case for free to review.  However, all opinions are my own.

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  1. Haha I loved your story about your beginnings with coffee, I would have loved to had seen that. So cute! What a perfect shirt too, I am there with you girl! Thank you for the feature (I love the other women you featured as well).
    Rachel xo

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