Cruiser Bike and Rocksbox


Jewelry:  Rocksbox // Top:  Thrift Store (Boston) // Shorts:  Marshalls // Birkenstock:  Zappos // Bike:  Walmart
Ok, let me just start off by saying that this picture was
taken a few weekends ago.  It’s weird
going through all of my pictures because this one for example was taken a few
weekends ago where my clothes first started to fit me again, and now tomorrow’s
blog post was taken a week or two later and it’s such a difference.  Stay tuned because I will be talking about my
progress later this week.  I’m really
sorry that this blog turned into a weight loss journey but it’s been a huge
part of my life and I just want to tell everyone how I did it for anyone
I also decided that when I come back from vacation I’m going
to start a series called Shape Up Saturday. 
This will include anything from recipes, motivational posts, and even
workout wear.  I mean who doesn’t love a
cute outfit in the gym?  Am I right?
For this outfit I kept it super bright!  I love bright colored clothing whether it be
at the gym or in my everyday life.  The
top is actually from a thrift shop in Boston from a few years ago.  It FINALLY fits again!  It’s actually started to fall off now (the
straps) which makes me feel really good. 
The shorts are from Marshalls and I love the crochet detail.  I kept it all pink because well that’s my
favorite color.  I wanted to take
pictures on my cruiser bike because I’m in love with it!  I got it from Walmart.  You know, they have a lot of cruiser bikes at
Walmart for really good prices.  The one
was only $70 something.  I mean, I don’t
know how much bikes used to cost but I feel like that’s actually pretty
inexpensive for a bike.
Boyfriend and I use our bikes for lovely rides to be out in
the fresh air and also to play Pokemon Go. 
Why not turn an already fun activity into something nerdy?  I mean, it’s better for us to go outside and
play Pokemon than stay inside and watch TV. 
Plus, we play together and we even take down gyms together (TEAM
VALOR!).  Yes, it sounds childish and
dorky and I’ve gotten a lot of crap for playing, but it’s harmless fun.  I don’t play while I drive, I don’t trespass,
and I’m having fun outside with my dorky boyfriend.  Plus, I got a really pretty banana yellow
cruiser out of the deal!
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**Please note I was given a free 3 month membership to Rocksbox, however  all opinions are my own.

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