Tobi Collab Part 2


Dress:  Ewa Bazaar // Cardigan:  INC // Scarf:  Tobi // Shoes:  Kendall and Kylie
First and foremost I wanted to say I shared some of these pictures for a reason.  As most of you know I’m currently on a weight loss journey.  While I’m writing this post I have officially lost 26 lbs.  Ok, but what does that have to do with this post?  I wanted to show that there is such a thing as good and bad angles.  There are some poses (if I slouch and don’t suck in for example) where you can still see my stomach.  Ladies and Gents, there is NOTHING wrong with that.  Be proud of your body and be proud of your weight loss if you are currently on a weight loss journey like myself.  I purposely wanted to post these pictures saying that you can still wear beautiful clothing and feel confident in the skin you’re in!
Now that I said that and have that off my chest, let’s move on to the actual outfit.
Ok, I know that it’s still summer, but I wanted to show an outfit that would definitely be my fall uniform.  A scarf is always a must and you need to check out these Infinity Scarves!  My scarf in particular can be found here.  I absolutely love the color and that it’s so chic.  You can wear this whether you are in your casual clothes and some UGG boots, or wear it with a more dressed up look like this one.  There’s just something about the perfect scarf that completes and outfit and screams Fall Fashion.  
I paired the scarf with all black because who doesn’t love Black Dresses?  Plus, black goes with everything.  Want to check out some more trendy pieces by Tobi?  Check out the links below!
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**Please note I received this scarf as a review, however all opinions are my own.

5 thoughts on “Tobi Collab Part 2”

  1. The first thing I thought was that that scarf looks super comfy! And you are so right about angles. I am one who can be self conscious about my belly too. I find myself always sucking in, lol. But you are right … we should just be confident!


  2. I too need to loose some pounds. Like 10-12 lbs and I will be good. Thanks for writing this post and your confidence. Black is always slimming. This outfit is great to transition into Fall and that scarf is perfect. I have an identical one.

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