Traveling Outfit #1


Sunnies:  Zaful // Pants:  Old, INC (Macy’s similar here and here) // Top:  Cavender’s // Sandals:  Birkenstock
This week I am keeping it casual.  Why you may ask?  BECAUSE I’M LEAVING FOR VACATION NEXT WEEK EEEEKKKK!!  I’m going back to Poland again to see my family.  I’m so incredibly excited about this and I cannot wait to see everyone along with eat all of the delicious food, both healthy and “junk.”  Even their junk food isn’t all that bad compared to here in the U.S.  Their fruits and vegetables actually taste the way they are supposed to and organic actually means organic.  Don’t worry about the blog though, I’ll be having a few guest posts lined up for you with some awesome bloggers.
When I travel I seriously like to keep it comfy.  If I have to be smushed up in a seat (because I unfortunately do not fly first class insert Bridesmaid quote “help me I’m poor”) then I’d like to be comfy.  I usually like to wear darker colors just in case if something spills it won’t be noticeable.  Just because I’m flying to see my family does NOT mean I have to show up looking like a slob.  
Since I tend to bloat a lot when I’m traveling I like to wear loose shirts.  Does anyone know what makes you bloat on a plane?  I don’t even eat much and for some reason I just swell up, is it the air pressure?  I know these probably sound like stupid questions but I’m seriously curious haha.  On top of the loose fitting shirts, loose fitting pants are also a plus.  If I wear anything tighter like jeans or pants you bet your sweet bottom they are stretchy!  Since you have to go through so many gates and security checkpoints I like to have shoes I can just slip on and off.  A few years ago I wore my Converse, but to be honest last year wearing my Birkenstock sandals was the best idea ever.  That’s why I’m wearing my metallic ones that I bought this year.  I keep the jewelry and accessories to a minimum because I’m not about to have to go through security with all of my jewelry and hold up the line.  It’s stressful enough to travel that I don’t want to stress extra because I can’t get my bracelet or necklace off.
In the end I prefer comfort while traveling.  I envy the girls who can get in their full get up, heels and all, it’s just too much for me!
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  1. I thinks that's a great travelling outfit. I returned from a European vacation last month and wore leggings with a tunic and Superga runners for the long flights. I felt fairly fashionable and very comfortable which made it so much easier. I can't see why some women wear heels on planes… Maybe someone can explain it to me 🙂 Have a great trip!

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