5 for Friday: It’s been a While

My goodness, it’s been quite a while since I did a 5 for
Friday.  I think it’s because life got so
hectic and I went on vacation and now I actually have some things to recap y’all
on.  Also, I will no longer be doing a linkup on Friday’s for those of you who used to link up.  Life has just been way too hectic.

Weight Loss
I have gotten down to 30+lbs weight loss and none of my
clothes are fitting!  All of my pants are
too baggy and even with a belt it looks ridiculous because they bunch up so I
have to wear loose tops to cover up the bunching haha.  Even my in between weight clothes are too
big.  It’s kind of aggravating but at the
same time I’m extremely happy and can’t really complain because I met my
original goal and I’m feeling great. 
Plus, this gives me an excuse to go clothes shopping!
I’m legitimately about to cry in this picture.  Right after it was taken I burst into tears.
Remember when I talked about my car accident last year?  Read that post here.  Well I’m still currently fighting that one
and never got over that.  To make matters
worse, I was involved in yet another accident on Tuesday of last week.  It was fairly similar to last year’s
accident.  I was rear ended so hard,
except this time around my car was totaled. 
My favorite car of all time died to keep me safe.  If you follow me on social media you already
knew about this.  I’m still sore from the
accident (which is weird because last year wasn’t this bad) but I’ve been
attempting small workouts this week.  I
don’t last the entire time like before the accident, nor do I push myself like
I was before.  I’m pretty sure a toddler
could do better than me, but hey I’m trying. 
I’ve been so incredibly distraught since last Tuesday I can’t even put
it into words.  I had from Friday the day
it was totaled into the weekend to buy a car and dealerships are closed on
Sundays.  Pretty much I had Friday night
and Saturday to find a car that I have been forced into.  I was able to find one on Saturday that fit
my requirements and was the closest to what I was paying for my Volvo.  I mean it’s still more, but every other car
was so much more and I wanted to be in a safe car.  So I chose…. 
…a Subaru!  I’m a proud owner of a Subaru WRX 6 speed.  I was not about to settle for automatic which is why I was scared I wouldn’t find a car within one weekend.  So far I love this car and I cannot wait to customize her, and make her my own.  I already received an early birthday present which is a new audio system because the stock ones just really aren’t that great, that’s really the only complaint I have haha.
Did you miss my recap about Poland last week?  I shared all of my outfits, food, and other
miscellaneous things.  I also added to
the posts previous years that I went to Poland which were jam packed with a lot
of different things.  I don’t have as
many pictures this year as I’ve had in previous years but it’s because this
year was mostly spent with family instead of traveling and being tourists in
our own family’s city haha.  My grandma
was diagnosed with cancer last year so we wanted to spend more time with her
and my grandpa.  She is ok, done with
chemo and everything but just in case we figured it was better to spend time
with her and family this year.  Here are the posts:
Shape Up Saturday Series
My Shape Up Saturday Series went live two weekends ago.  I started with an introduction to what this
series is about and last week I had my fav ab workouts with pictures.  This series is anything from workout gear,
actual workouts, recipes, and anything else health and fitness related.  For example tomorrow’s post is all about how
I stay motivated and self controlled, especially because my boyfriend has a
crazy fast metabolism and he can eat McDonald’s all day every day and not gain
weight.  Trust me it was hard in the beginning
but once I started seeing results I had no issues with staying on track!

In case you missed this week’s posts
Alright so I had a lot of things going on, on the blog for the past few weeks but in case you missed any of this week’s posts just see the below!

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