Arka Gdynia


If you go visit Gdynia, Poland you will see Arka Gdynia plastered everywhere.  What does this mean you might ask?  Well it’s the Polish soccer team based in Gdynia.  They were founded in 1929 and unfortunately between 1939-1945 it was interrupted due to the Germans who invaded Poland which was later known as the Holocaust.  Since soccer (or football anywhere else in the world) is a huge sport in every other country besides America, they take this sport very seriously.  That’s why you’ll see this pride of Arka Gdynia pretty much everywhere.
In Poland I pretty much lived in these pants on the colder days and the shoes.  Kendall & Kylie did such an awesome job making these shoes.  They are not only fashionable but so comfortable and perfect for walking everywhere.  These pants are from Plato’s Closet and they were my stretchy pants I wore when gained weight.  I’m going to have to find another pair because they are starting to get too big so if anyone has any recommendations of pants that look similar please let me know.  This jacket has been my downright fav right now!
If you want to see my past trips to Poland they are listed below divided by years.  If you are looking for most about the cities 2014 has the most pictures and information:
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