Evil Eye Nail Art Revisited


As you can see I’ve done evil eye nail art before.  I wanted to show an updated version that I
recently did.  I love that it’s a simple
design with some glam.  It’s not really a
typical evil eye like the original set of nails that I did but it’s a little
I’m so excited because my nails have finally grown enough
(just watch I just jinxed myself) to look nicer with some polish on them.  I feel like I have more room for fun designs
when they are longer.  Sometimes I trim
them down or file them to make them a little stronger since my nails are pretty
weak for how much I put them through. 
Maybe because of my new diet, the vitamins and nutrients have helped my
nails stay stronger.  Who knows, but it’s
a possibility. 
Stay tuned to this week’s posts, I’m recapping my trip back
to the motherland; POLAND!

1 thought on “Evil Eye Nail Art Revisited”

  1. love love love this look! The contrast between the light pink and the bling is so pretty, and I love the eyes. I am Greek so the evil eye has special meaning to me 🙂

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