How to make the most of your wardrobe while traveling! and some pictures of my Mom

Ok, so we most of us have that fear of “did I bring enough clothes with me?”  I have this fear every time I travel, whether I’m going away for a weekend or for a trip to Poland.  You never know what the weather is going to be like.  Will it rain?  Should I bring my rain boots?  Will it be too hot?  Will it be too cold?  What should I bring?
That brings me to today’s post.
I wanted to show how I brought very few pieces and just switched them up a bit each time.  I was also at an advantage because I traveled with my mom and if you scroll to pictures of her you’ll see she’s a fashionista.  I’d say she’s actually a bigger fashion lover than me.  
I always like to bring clothes I can layer because that way if it’s too hot you take layers off and if it’s too cold you put layers on.  

My first layering item of choice is a scarf.  As you can see in pictures of my mom and me we are wearing scarves.  A great example is if you look at the first picture of me with the white tank and black leggings, by that point of the day I had already taken off my scarf pictured in one of the selfies with my mom below.  
My second layering item of choice is a vest or jacket.  These are almost a no brainer because for the jacket it’ll keep you warm until you’re too hot and you take it off.  A vest just adds a little extra fabric so for those warm days that may be a little less hot than the day before it’ll give you some extra warmth.  The long vest in the first picture all the way to the right that is actually wool so it kept me really warm believe it or not.  
I always feel like bringing some tank tops is great because they’re thin and you can roll them up to save space.  You also have linen pants.  These breathe and linen is the perfect pant for summer.  I almost always bring a pair of pants with me because you never know when you’ll need them.  In this case I needed them at night when it got a little colder, or when I was out a little earlier in the day because mornings were a little chilly.
Last but not least, accessories.  You can completely change an outfit with the shoes, belt, and jewelry you decide to wear with it.  If you take a look at my two previous posts you’ll see that I’m also wearing my high top converse with a dress that I recently wore here on the blog with a completely different look.  I’m also a huge fan of belts.  Now that I’ve lost some weight my waist is back so I can accentuate my waist to create the illusion of looking even thinner.  I mean who doesn’t want to look thinner on vacation where they let their diet go?  

I told y’all my mom was super stylish.  Where do you think I get it from?
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