Island Nails


Well y’all, today is the last day of summer.  Insert super sad face here.  Ok, maybe it’s not officially the last day of
summer, but in my heart it is just because it’s Labor Day.  This is the farewell to summer, and hello to
the fall months coming up really soon.  I
personally love summer, it is my favorite season.  I kind of like fall, but the warmer side of
fall.  You would think I would like fall
because my birthday is in October but I think the only thing I really like is
Halloween.  That is my favorite!
Ok, anyway, now that I’ve rambled let’s get onto the actual
topic of this post!  I decided that in
lieu of summer being somewhat over, it didn’t have to mean that my nail art had
to suffer.  I painted a beach/sunset
theme as my farewell to summer and to remind myself of all of the awesome
summer memories.  

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