Pink and White Lace Nail Art


Well, summer has officially come to an end as of last week,
but it doesn’t mean that I can’t rock the summer colors still on my nails!  My favorite color is pink anyway and it still
doesn’t feel like fall.  Well, at least
it doesn’t feel like it during the day. 
Night time is a different story and it’s cold.
This nail art is somewhat similar to the black henna and
negative space inspired one from last week. 
I call this one pink and lace because it looks more like lace than a
henna tattoo.  I’m actually really upset
about my nails because I was able to make one more design (next week’s) and my
two of my nails broke.  Now I’m going to
have to shorten all of my nails.  I JUST
got them to a coffin shape too!  Ugh,
sometimes I wish I had the time and patience for acrylic nails.  I’ll just deal with my natural ones for now.

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