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As most of you know, I have two dogs.  Both of them are rescues and from the south.  Sometimes I wish dogs could talk so that I could know what both of them went through.  With that being said their happiness and health is extremely crucial to me.  I also love anything convenient because as most people I live a hectic life.  Being able to find health minded food for my dogs while being able to grocery shop for myself as well is always a major plus.  That’s why today’s post will be all about the health and wellness of my dogs.

In today’s post I will be featuring some products from Purina.  I’ll be focusing on Beyond Natural Dry dog Food and Purina One Healthy Instinct.  Now walking into my local Stop and Shop I was able to find a wide variety of natural and healthy pet products.  The great part about these products is they are designed with all of our pet’s health and wellness in mind.  Most people (myself included) feel as though when you have a pet it enriches and improves the lives of the family so it’s only logical that you make sure their health is 110%  up to par.  I’ve grown up with dogs so I can’t imagine life without one.  
Now, there are pet stores around me, however I don’t want to be making constant stops.  Especially because I live a hectic life and having to stop at multiple stores takes time away from spending time with my pups.  Having a grocery store that has a variety of healthy products is exactly what I’m looking for!  At Stop and Shop you can not only have aisles filled with variety but you can also purchase a few toys and treats for them as well.
Now, just as an FYI I have a few coupons to share.  The first is for Purina DentaLife which is a new product and you can take $2 off just by clicking that link and being redirected to the coupon.  Also on October 16th the local Sunday newspaper will have an insert highlighting money-saving coupons on Purina Beyond products.  For Purina Beyond Dry Dog Food there will be a $2 off any Beyond 3lb bag Dry Dog food, $3 off any Beyond 13lb or larger bag Dry Dog food.
So, what are my tips and tricks for living a hectic life and being a dog owner?

1.  Time Management
First and foremost time management is absolutely key!  You see those two faces above?  They depend on me.  I need to make sure I feed them, walk them, and love them enough for them to be healthy and happy while also taking care of myself as well.  That’s why being able to shop at a store like Stop and Shop is great because I have my own groceries in the same spot as food for the dogs along with other things like treats and toys.
2.  Routine
Some can argue that this falls under time management, but it’s not a routine for me, it’s a routine for Lilly and Zero.  See the great thing about dogs is once they get adjusted to their own schedule they will stick to that exact schedule.  Lilly and Zero know what time it is before I do, especially if it’s dinner time!  This helps because first of all they remind me what time it is and second of all I can plan my entire day around their set schedule.

3.  DIY Grooming

Instead of taking a trip to the groomer do it yourself!  What I usually do is give my dogs a nice bath.  I do this inside and I learned my lesson to wear a bathing suit while doing it.  I usually take one dog at a time into the tub and start lathering them up.  Then in order to calm them down a bit I get in the tub with them (while standing, I don’t sit in the tub with them haha).  I do this in a bathing suit because well, it gets a little messy and once they start shaking off excess water it goes everywhere including myself.  I haven’t mastered nail clippings yet, but if you can do this at home I highly recommend it!  Also, for ear cleanings the vet taught me that all you do is take a cotton ball put a little hydrogen peroxide on it and move the cotton ball around a little.  Don’t jam it into your dog’s ear though, you want to lightly clean.

4.  Quality Time

Last but definitely not least spend quality time with your pets.  All my dogs want to do is love and be loved.  Of course they want to play with not just me, but each other.  They want to be pet, especially Lilly.  She loves belly rubs.  So, if you’re tired after a hectic day instead of just sitting there scrolling through your social media, put the phone down and watch a movie with them.  Lilly and Zero especially love the Fast and Furious movies so those are our go to’s when we are wanting to be lazy bums.  This also benefits you, because as someone living a busy life sometimes you need to just sit down and enjoy what’s around you.  Sometimes when I have a bad day, sitting with these two and just taking it all in is exactly what I need.

Since Lilly and Zero like to switch bowls because they think the other one has something better (even though their food comes from the same bag haha) I have to sit with them and make sure they don’t go into each other’s bowls.  Also Zero is still a puppy so she gets easily distracted while eating so in order to make sure she eats enough food at dinner time there’s me, sitting with them haha.

Both of my pups are rescues.  Lilly the puggle is 6 and I adopted her when she was about 2 when I lived in Texas.  We don’t actually know her age or birthday so since the vet said she was around 2 I decided her birthday would be the day I adopted her since that was her new beginning to a happy life.  Zero the Tiger Pitbull/Hound Mix is a little over 1 and a half.  She is originally from Georgia and she was adopted here in NJ.  Judging by her paperwork she pretty much lived in shelters for most of her life.  I wish both of them could talk so they could tell me what they went through.  That’s why the importance of keeping them happy and healthy is my top priority.  I want them to understand that there was a better life waiting for them and I want them to forget about their prior struggles.  They are still a little skiddish over things but they’ve both gotten better.  Lilly still has her moments even after being with me for 4 years however they told me she was most likely used for illegal breeding right before I adopted her because of the shape she was in.  I don’t really know much about Zero’s prior history but in my opinion I think it’s because she was the runt of the litter that she wasn’t wanted.  I don’t know why no one would want her she’s such a goofy dog.  She’s currently playing with a water bottle while I type this post haha!
In the end my dog’s health and wellness is my top priority.  I want them to live a long and happy life. That’s why I choose to buy products like Beyond Natural Dry Dog Food and Purina One Healthy Instinct.

I went to the local Stop and Shop in Sparta, NJ to find this food my dogs enjoyed.  You can find it in the pet food aisle in the pictures above.
**Please note this post is not to be taken as professional veterinary advice.  Please consult your veterinarian for recommendations and practices appropriate for your pet.

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  1. It can be hard to shop with one's dog's health in mind when balancing work and a family. I love it when I can buy my favorite, quality, pet products at my grocery store too! #client

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