Shape Up Saturday Series: Introduction


Hey Y’all!  If you’ve been following my blog or Instagram for a few months you already know that back in June I started my weight loss journey.  I’ve talked about it quite a lot because I’ve been so extremely excited with my success and how much weight I have lost.  I’ve currently slacked on my lifestyle change due to vacation and I was fighting a stomach virus this week but starting Monday I’m done with my preseason and will be going into a full blown Round of the 21 Day Fix.  This will be my third round that I’ve done!  All together I’ve lost a total of 30lbs.  With the whole slacking during vacation I have noticed that my muscle mass is down because I have noticed that my abs have slightly disappeared.  I mean I didn’t have crazy abs to begin with but they were starting to form, I swear haha.
Anyway, bringing me to the actual topic of today’s post.  Since I’m not done with my weight loss journey, I still have 10 more lbs to go on top of toning up and then continuing this healthy lifestyle since I just feel so much better I wanted to start a series here on the blog called Shape Up Saturday.  I haven’t posted on a weekend in quite some time but I figured this was the best way to start.  This Shape Up Saturday Series will include anything from inspirational words, recipes, workouts, workout outfits (because I love a good neon workout pant), and whatever else I can think of.  

I’ll be sharing a few before and after pictures in this post
to show what success I’ve had.  I’m so
glad that I’ve taken pictures throughout this journey because you really don’t
see your results until you’ve compared yourself.  I cannot tell you how I allowed myself to
reach 185lbs when I’ve also had an athletic build and usually took care of my
body and what I looked like.  I guess I
let myself go because of happy relationship weight, negative stress weight, and
moving out of my parent’s house so pizza was my go to dinner a lot.  I’ve actually thought of becoming a Team
Beachbody Coach because I can help people virtually anywhere.  To be completely honest, I wouldn’t have been
able to get this far without having a coach because they not only cheer you on
in your weight loss and progress, but they teach you why it’s important to eat
and eat certain foods.  They teach you why
it’s important to work out and how it’s mostly diet not exercise that gets you
maximum results.  If you are interested
in this program please let me know because I will most likely become a coach

I’m so happy I joined this program.  My confidence is back, I’m feeling great, and
I have more energy.  A few months ago I
actually went to my doctor and had to do a bunch of blood work because I was
feeling so incredibly tired.  I didn’t
know that changing my diet and exercise regimen would help that.  They ended up testing me for conditions like
Lupus for example.  I was that
concerned.  I’m still feeling a little
tired, but not like I was before.  When
those tests came back negative for any type of health issue besides a Vitamin D
deficiency it was bittersweet.  I was
glad that I didn’t have any health concerns, but also scared because why else
would I feel this way.  That’s when I saw
my friend post something on Facebook regarding the 21 Day Fix program.  Then once I started the program I realized my
body felt really awesome.  I wasn’t as
tired and I just felt so much better.  Is
it possible to actually feel healthy? 
Because I have that feeling everyday now.  I tried diets for the few months following up
to June but nothing was working because I wouldn’t see results and I would
quit.  The 21 Day Fix program taught me a
lot about health and nutrition and the importance of so many things surrounding
weight loss and healthy living. 
With all of that being said. 
I hope you enjoyed all of my progress pictures!  I secretly love seeing these pictures because
of how different I look and feel now compared to back in June.  Tune in every Saturday to see more posts like
this one!  Every week will be different
but it will pertain to weight loss and healthy living.