What I ate and other miscellaneous things from vacation

Mariola Cafe is my favorite and has been since we went to Poland when I was little.  There is no other ice cream in the world that tastes like theirs.  I would probably move to Poland JUST for this ice cream haha.  If someone told me I was allowed a lifetime supply if I moved I’d say yes!

Sorry for the messy picture, but there’s is nothing like the pastries and cakes in Poland that are freshly made every day!

I mean how can I go to Poland and not eat some tastey Pierogi?  And no, that’s not mispelled.  Pierogi is already plural so I cannot justify saying Pierogies, it just sounds weird.

Yes, they have hamburgers over there and this one was delicious and actually tasted somewhat healthy.  Can you tell that coffee is really popular to drink?  I’m pretty sure I drank a year’s worth of coffee while over in Poland.

My aunt makes some awesome pastries.  They are actually my favorite.  Last year I even brought some back home with me!

Here is my little buddy.  This dog has been around for 12 years now.  I truly believe this may have been the last time I saw him.  I believe that dogs understand everything you are saying in their own way because when I told him to wait one more year for me he looked at me with these sad eyes that said “Monica, I won’t be able to.”  Everyone told me he waited this one last year for me to come say my final goodbyes to him.  It pains me that everyone may be right but I know he lived a good life with my grandpa.  He treated this dog like his child, actually probably even better haha, he ate the best food he possibly ever could.  He took the best naps and walks.  He is my grandpa’s best companion and I really do think that he prolonged my grandpa’s life a little more because Lucky brought him so much joy.  When my grandma was in the hospital last year getting treatment for cancer (don’t worry she made it through and is thankfully still with us today) this guy stood by my grandpa’s side.  If this was the last time I saw you Lucky boy, I’ll see you at the rainbow bridge my little buddy.

There is just something about this view that gets me every time.  Seeing the Baltic Sea is like the feeling of home.  I know I was born and raised in America, but going back to Poland so many times (not enough, but I’ve been fortunate enough to go back a lot) I have memories and every time we go to the beach.

Sorry for all the people in the pictures.  Unfortunately this is tourist season so there are lots of people.  Gdynia is a port/harbor city so there are lots of boats everywhere, however, these particular ones have been here forever.  The one is a military ship and there is one that looks like a pirate ship.  One of the ships also serves dinner and has a mini dining area on the dock.  It’s actually pretty cool.

This is Gdansk.  It’s part of Trojmiasto which means Tri-City.  It goes Gdynia, Sopot, and Gdansk.  If you like history and old churches, this is definitely the city for you.  There are so many beautiful places to go and since I’ve been there so many times, I actually went there to pick up some Polish pottery called Boleslawiec.  Since I moved out back in March I wanted to get some nice dinner plates for my nicer occasions and I wanted Boleslawiec because they are hand painted and so beautiful.

This is located at Kamiena Gora.  If you translate that it’s Rock Mountain.  If you go up there on the big elevator (it looks like a roller coaster) or if you want to be adventurous and walk up it, you’ll get the best view in the house.  It’s truly breath taking.  If you have a car you can also drive up there but if you aren’t familiar with the area you might get lost because of one way streets and what not.

I just can’t get enough of the boardwalk!  Yes, there are beaches too but I usually just stay on the boardwalk since it’s a nice walk and they have some pretty good places to eat.

This is my aunt’s dog.  He sits on the stairs to scratch himself.  Apparently he doesn’t know that you can do it without stairs but he’s also a baby haha.

I felt like this looked like the yellow brick road only gray.  I didn’t even know my mom was taking pictures haha.
I hope you enjoyed this year’s recap of all things Poland!  
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  1. Looks like it was a great trip to Poland. All of that food looks delish. Sorry to hear about the dog. It's sad when a pet dies, or when you are sure that it will soon.

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