Birthday Boots


Jacket:  Old similar here // Leggings:  Ewa Bazaar // Boots:  Cavender’s
So every year for my birthday I pick a pair of boots from
Cavender’s.  I bought my first pair of
boots in Texas when I was 24 and ever since then have had an obsession.  I started an awesome collab with Cavender’s
back in 2014.  Two years later I’m still
loving these boots.  I was looking for a
pair of black ones because I have no black boots, I have all different types of
colors and brown/neutral tones, but no black. 
While I was searching for black ones I even said how cool would it be if
they had pink ones too.  Then these
appeared.  BLACK AND PINK.  I HAD to have them.  My favorite color combination in a cowgirl
boot, oh heck yea!
When I got them I fell in love even more because that pink
part by the top of the boot has sparkles in it. 
extremely happy with this pair of birthday boots.  I also love that they match my car too.  I always have to have some kind of pink in my
life, but once you mix it with black it just makes it that much better.
I wanted to wear a simple outfit with these boots because I
feel as though the boots themselves already said a lot and I didn’t want to
take away from them.  Now I know I just
wore this jacket here on the blog last week, I can’t help but love denim
jackets.  This would be a super casual
way to wear them.  I actually wore this
outfit for dinner with my parents last week. 
Also, get used to these leggings popping up here on the
blog.  I actually couldn’t fit into these
and I loved them sooooo much.  After
losing all of the weight I gained, and then some, I was able to fit into
them!  Now I can wear them and the best
part is they actually make my legs look thinner than they are too.  
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  1. This look looks awesome! Also I can tell you've been losing some weight and it looks great! Happy Birthday!


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