Götz Oxygen Facial Toner


I haven’t shared some skin care lately so I wanted to talk
about this awesome Götz Oxygen Facial Toner I was able to review. 
It’s not as harsh as the one I was previously using.  This one doesn’t leave an after smell of
rubbing alcohol.  It’s very soothing and
gets the job done of a toner!
So here’s a little bit about this awesome new favorite of
This oxygen facial tonic tones, balances, and calms oily
skin.  It’s specially formulated for oily
or blemished skin.  Clarifying Toner
balances excessive oiliness, soothes redness and minimizes the appearance of
blemishes, blackheads, and enlarged pores. 
I’m always looking for something to help with the minimization of
blackheads and enlarged pores.  I’ve
always had a problem with blackheads but lately I’ve been starting to develop a
problem with enlarged pores.  The
formulation of this is daisy and nasturitium which is what is used to minimize
the black heads and blemishes along with fighting oiliness.  Anthyllis balances skin for calm, even
appearance.  This particular toner is
used for oily, blemished or combination skin. 
If you’ve watched any of my skin care videos on my YouTubechannel you already know the order in which toner should be applied, but if you
haven’t watched them here is the order I take to help take care of my
skin.  First you need to wash it and
exfoliate.  After that you would use
toner and once your toner is done make sure to add an oil free moisturizer in
order to make sure your skin stays hydrated.
I would recommend this Götz Oxygen Facial Toner; it’s definitely doing its job!

**Please note I was given this product to review, however all opinions are mine.