Halloween Outfit: Dr. Who Eleventh Doctor


Cape:  Hot Topic, Pants:  Plato’s Closet // Tank:  Ewa Bazaar
Alright all of you Whovians, can you tell who I am
today?  That’s right, the 11th
Doctor.  I even have a sonic screwdriver
and everything!
For those of you who don’t know what Dr. Who is, it’s
actually been going on since the 60’s. 
It’s a British science fiction show. 
The Doctor is a Time Lord which basically means he travels through time
and space and is kind of like a human/alien because he doesn’t die, he just
regenerates.  His space ship is called a
Tardis and is a blue Police Box.  In one
of the episodes he was asked why a Police Box and his response was because
everyone is too busy that seeing a random Police Box somewhere they would never
question it. 
Now even though the show started in the 60’s it ran until
1989.  Then it wasn’t until 2005 that
they started up again.  There have been
spin off shows that make sense when you watch Doctor Who.  We are now on the 12th Doctor who
is played by Peter Capaldi.  My favorite
doctors were the 10th and 11th.  The part that stinks is when you finally get
comfortable and used to your doctor, boom they regenerate.  The thing with Doctor Who is to understand
some references you really have to watch from the beginning.  Certain things just won’t make sense. 
My coworker and I decided to be the 11th doctor
to work on Monday because well, no one will question it, this actually looks
like a work outfit to me haha.  Stay
tuned for more fun Halloween things going on up until Monday!

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