Halloween Outfit: Wednesday Addams


Dress:  Cavenders // Shoes:  Stuart Weitzman “save” version here
Have y’all seen any of the ridiculous memes that show
Wednesday Adamms.  Some of them make me
crack up while I’m scrolling through Facebook. 
There’s even a quiz to show you “how Wednesday Adamms are you?”  I find it hilarious because Wednesday wasn’t
even that bad, she is just awkward and has RBF, aka resting bitch face haha!  Let’s just say she’s misunderstood?
I didn’t do a typical Wednesday outfit, I put my own little
fashionista twist on it, but I’m pretty sure you can still tell I’m
Wednesday.  Her costume is easy, black
dress, black long braids, and a blank stare or angry look on your face.  I chose this black dress from Cavenders
because I love the bell sleeves and thought it would be a nice twist.  I don’t have any plain Mary Jane type shoes,
so I went for my pointed toe lace up flats. 
Close enough right?
Stay tuned all of this week, I have a lot of Halloween fun
for y’all.  Don’t forget the Halloween
series started on Sunday with a Zombie tutorial!  Check out my YouTube for more tutorials,
there are 3 going up this year, yes you read that right THREE!  Last year I only uploaded one but I had so
many fun ideas I needed to get them all out this year!  Enjoy the Halloween series through next Monday!


6 thoughts on “Halloween Outfit: Wednesday Addams”

  1. LOVE!!! And no somehow I haven't seen any of the memes. We recorded the Addams Family movies and I can't wait to watch them again, we just haven't had time lately.

  2. I love this..and Wenesday Addams of course. One year my husband was Gomez and I was Mortecia and two of my siblings were Pugsley and Wednesday and we had quite the fun and may need to do it again.
    Thank you for linking up to "Bloggers Who Have Inspired Me" link up
    Rachel xo

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