Halloween Outfit: Yolandi Visser and a Linkup


Top:  Redbubble // Pants:  TJ Maxx // Converse:  TJ Maxx
For those of you who don’t know who Yolandi Visser is, she’s
part of the music group Die Antwoord. 
Don’t know who Die Antwoord is? 
Have you seen the movie Chappie? 
They are in that movie and most of Die Antwoord’s music plays in the
background.  They are extremely eclectic
to say the least and their music is the same way.  They are a South African rap-rave group.  So you can only imagine what kind of music
they create.  In my personal opinion I think
they’re musical geniuses but that may be because I like anything that is
completely different and weird.
Her Halloween outfit is extremely easy.  Just get a blonde wig, chop off the bangs,
grab some brightly colored clothing, minimal makeup and you’re golden.  This Zef shirt she actually wears so I had to
get it. 
Zef used to be slang for something that was stupid or weird.  Now, thanks to Die Antwoord, they’ve made Zef
into a style.  That’s probably why they
dress so weird.  I love watching them for
that too, I love seeing what they come up with next.  Yolandi has such an extreme taste in fashion,
she mixes and matches styles and loves anything different.
Meet your co-host!
Hi, my name is Nancy and today I’m co-hosting the Jersey Girl-Texan Heart linkup. Thank you Monica!
My blog is Nancy’s Fashion Style. I started my blog after a long search for a meaningful interpretation of the days. I have a lung disease and am  not able to work anymore.
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Jersey Girl, Texan Heart Link Up
Jersey Girl, Texan Heart Link Up

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  1. I have absolutely no idea who Yolandi Visser if (something I intend to rectify right after posting this comment) but based on the photo you posted, you're bang on recreating her look 🙂

  2. That's a great Halloween look. It's original for sure. I also love Nancy and am glad she is co-hosting with you!


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