Halloween Series Kickoff! Walking Dead is Back! Zombie Makeup Tutorial


Y’all Walking Dead is back on today!  Yes, I’m extremely excited and planned my
entire day around plopping down in front of the TV at 10pm today.  Last season we ended with Rick and all of his
people lined up in front of Negan and Lucille, which is his baseball bat
covered with barb wire.  When I saw the
trailer for the new season well it was more of a sneak peek a million thoughts
were running through my head.  I was
trying to remember the finale so that I could think up of some theories.  Well thankfully for me I have friends that
watch too and they had watched a special on AMC and figured out that Rick
actually had an ax with him, so most likely what the governor was supposed to
do in the comic, Negan will probably do to Rick which is chop off his hand.  In the comic Glenn gets killed by Negan but
as we all know The Walking Dead trailed off the comic a long time ago.  Who knows what will happen but is anyone
going to be watching it tonight?  Does
anyone have any theories?
For today’s blog post I’m kicking off my Halloween special
with a zombie makeup tutorial!  This was
my first time using liquid latex and I must say it was painful getting off
haha!  I was struggling taking it off
that’s for sure.  Applying it was easy


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