Happy Birthday to Me and a Linkup


Dress:  Kewl Shop // Booties:  UGG (old) similar here (only $25!!!)
Well, it’s my birthday! 
I’m officially 29 years old today. 
It’s crazy to think that a year from today I’ll be the big 3-0.  I don’t really care as much as I thought I would.  Well, I mean I care that I’ll have another
decade behind me, but I won’t really care that I’m older.  However, it will be a huge deal.  I was actually dreading my 30th
birthday.  I feel like it’s a milestone
in life and that you’re expected to have everything all set in place.
I also started a 30 before 30 list a few years ago when I
first started this blog.  You can read
that post here.  Out of 30 I crossed off
14.  I won’t be able to fulfill all of
those, because it has been crazy year and I can’t do everything all within this
year, but I’m going to try.  Plus I feel
like I need to change my list a little bit so maybe I’ll update that list and
do 40 before I’m 40.  Who knows!
I hope this year brings some more good things.  Compared to last year so many things have
changed.  I mean even with all of the
bad, I think the good cancelled it all out. 
There isn’t a thing I would have done differently in this
past year.  I sound like a broken record,
but I don’t have any regrets in life. 
Every path we choose is for a reason. 
Whether you went along with your gut or you actually sat down and
thought about it logically, it happened for a reason.  You have to remember that you chose to be
where you are at this very moment.  No
one is forcing you to do anything.  You
are sitting in front of your computer, phone, tablet, whatever, reading this
because you chose to.  It’s just like
everything else in life.
As I get older I realize how many things I used to think
were problems are not even close to how major I thought they were at the
time.  The friends who stabbed me in the
back are no longer in my life and now that I’m older I actually feel bad for
them.  I feel bad that they weren’t
confident or happy enough that they had to bring someone else down.  Some of them I’ve reconciled with because I
didn’t think it was healthy to hold a grudge. 
Other’s on the other hand I just pretend like they don’t exist because
it’s better for everyone that way.  I
wish my ex boyfriend’s the best in life. 
Even the ones who broke my heart because at the end of the day they were
meant to be with someone else, we were only supposed to teach each other how to
better handle certain things in the future for the one who is supposed to stay
in our life and even though I cried and thought I couldn’t get through it at
the time, it was so worth it because I started dating my boyfriend now because
of it.  Thinking it was the end of the
world when my car had a flat tire whereas now I’ve been in two accidents with
the car that was totaled the second time around and I don’t think any car
problem is as major as an accident.  It’s
all about perspective.  I think that’s
something you learn with age, and I’m still really young, well in my opinion.
Even though a lot of bad things happened this past year, a
lot of good things happened too.  I’d
prefer to focus on those because no one likes a negative Nancy!  Well, I moved out (again lol), I adopted another
rescue pup who is the goofiest pitbull of all time.  I really don’t think any dog can get any
goofier than her but I’m willing to hear your stories!  Goofy dogs are my favorite, especially when
they’re big dogs!  Anywho, back to my
positive list of things. I lost a LOT of weight and inches along with gained
back my confidence.  If you look at any
of my posts from before the middle of June you can see it in my face that
something is missing.  There’s a little
bit of spunk that wasn’t there.  Once I
started eating right and exercising regularly this ALL changed.  I surpassed my original goal!  So I made multiple new ones.  The reason why I made multiple ones is
because I don’t want to just lose weight. 
I want to achieve other goals like toning up and learning how to cook
more because right now my diet consists of similar things.  I want to broaden my horizons with this whole
clean eating thing.  Alright, back to my
list!  I bought a new car.  I mean, I didn’t have a choice in this matter
BUT I have a new one. 
Are there any other October babies out there?
Moving on to the linkup with a co-host today!

I am Annie Foreman, The Real Housewife of Fresno; I am a wife, mama, Realtor, and lifestyle blogger.  My blog is about family, friends, food, fashion, and my favorite finds.  I was born and raised in Fresno, CA and I truly love this place I call home.  I married my high school sweetheart, Kevin in 2009 and we welcomed our first bundle of joy, Emily Grace in 2011 and our second baby girl, Madison Anne in 2014.  I wear a million different hats a day but typically love all my roles.  My obsessions include reality tv, anything sweet, high heels, handbags, arm candy, sunnies, lip gloss, buffalo chicken salad, hot tea (I hate coffee), Instagram, Pinterest, and a good book, a pool, and a cocktail!
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  1. It sounds like you're starting this year off on a good foot … at peace with where you are. I am 29 too and 30 is next June for me. While I may not be where I thought I would be 5 years ago, I'm happy and living in Europe … so that is amazing!


  2. Happy Birthday to you beautiful! I have always loved this stunning black+gold dress and those laceup wedges are awesome with it. Love the balloons too!

    P.S. Would you like to co-host with me again this Fall?

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