Shape Up Saturday Series: Breast Cancer Awareness/Fight like a Girl


Top:  Underarmour TJ Maxx, similar here // Pants:  TJ Maxx similar here // Sneakers:  Nike similar here
Here is my last and final Breast Cancer Awareness post this
year.  I’m all decked out in pink and
talking about what I love about Kickboxing since it’s also Shape Up Saturday!
So I have a confession to make y’all.  I have not been back to Kickboxing since
vacation.  When I went on vacation I was
so excited to come back to kickboxing, but the first week that I was back was so
incredibly busy I said I’m going next week. 
The day I was supposed to go back to kickboxing is when I got into my
accident.  Actually, when I saw my bag go
flying my sneakers and workout clothes popped out and that made me even more
angry because here I am in my car pissed off that I’m going to have to deal
with all of this crapola and on top of that I couldn’t even go back to
Kickboxing.  Well, ladies and gents, I
have not been able to go back to Kickboxing since.  I have had such pains in my back that I’m
afraid to go.  I know I have a mean left
hook and a powerful roundhouse that I’m afraid I’ll get carried away and overdo
it.  Then end up even worse.
So I’ve chosen to refrain from going back until I get
Ok, so why am I showing you anything in regards to
Kickboxing if I haven’t done it in over a month?  There are so many reasons why but I LOVE
Great Cardio Workout
Alright, so according to my tracker I do enough cardio and
steps to be burning 1,000+ calories during one hour of kickboxing.  Yea, now do you understand why it’s killing
me to not be at kickboxing?  Insert sad
Having Fun
I personally have fun when I’m at kickboxing.  It reminds me of the times when I first started
in high school.  I LOVED it and was
actually good at it.  The hour flies by
and afterwards no matter how beat up you are, no matter how sweaty and gross
you are, you know it’s well worth it. 
Letting off some Steam
Ok, let’s be honest here, kickboxing is also good for if you
have a bad day.  Instead of just getting
mad at everyone or everything just go let it all out on a punching bag.  Being able to punch and kick something with
all of your strength and not feel bad because it’s not a living thing is an
awesome feeling.  Now if I were to ever
spar again I would feel bad hitting the other person, so just a punching bag is
fine for me!
When I first started kickboxing in high school before I stopped
for many many many years, my trainer had a belt system like any other martial
arts.  I was able to achieve my brown
belt.  That was such an accomplishment
for me.  I felt so good about
myself.  Even though there’s no belt
system at the place I go to, I still have this feeling of accomplishment when I
can kick harder or punch for longer.
Self Defense
Last but definitely not least; self defense.  Learning the techniques and training through
kickboxing is great because it teaches you self defense and it also teaches you
to have confidence in your own body.
Breast Cancer Fact of the Day:

Self examine yourself, no it won’t be weird it’s your body you need to check it.  I self examine all the time and breast cancer does not run in my family.

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