Shape Up Saturday Series: Fav Arm Workouts and some BLOOPERS!

A few weeks ago I shared with you some of my favorite ab workouts because I mean who doesn’t want flat abs?  If anything I think that’s what most people actually strive for.  I think it’s because it’s a problem area for a lot of people, myself included once I started gaining weight.  For today’s Shape Up Saturday’s series I wanted to show you my favorite arm workouts and some bloopers.  I’m sure I’m not the only one with pets or kids that want to join in while their mama is working out.  My fur children like to either lick me, try to grab my weights, or they like to lay down on my yoga mat and take up all of the room, I mean at least share ladies.  A lot of these pictures I had to take multiple times because Zero kept somehow making it into the shot so if you see me cracking up in any of them, that’s why. 
Alright let’s move on to the workouts shall we?

Tricep Kickbacks
Ok, so before anyone says anything, I didn’t notice it until I was editing pictures but I should have been leaning forward just a bit more.  However, if you lean over a little bit more make sure to keep your back straight and do the motions seen above.

Transverse Twist
This is probably my favorite arm workout of all time.  You can’t see it in this picture but make sure your legs are hip width apart.  Make sure to have a little bend in your knees.  You’re going to punch across your chest, then you’re going to twist and punch across your chest to the other side.  Make sure when you twist your knees are twisting with you and not staying in one spot.  So for example in the above picture I’m twisting to my right side, meaning my left foot should be turned to that direction.  Once I switch sides and punch to the left my right foot should be rotating with me.

Front Raises
All this is, is going from the resting position (the bottom picture) and going up to shoulder height.  Please remember do not swing when you come back down to resting.  This will only hurt you in the end and you’re cheating yourself.  Please make sure you control your arms from swinging.  Trust me you’ll like the workout better!  Also make sure you are shoulder width apart (standing) with a slight bend in your knee.

Lat Pullover
These are so amazing.  I mean you get to lay down lol!  Just kidding, I like them because they stretch me out a little too.  Once you’ve been working out it’s nice to either have a resting workout or a stretching workout.  So, the way you do this workout is you lay down with your knees bent.  Make sure you lift your weights while you’re still sitting up because if you lift them up when you’re already laying down you can pull something.  Start with your arms straight up.  Then lower them behind your head.  I usually hold the weights next to each other because it’s better control for me, but you can separate them and have both arms go back as well.

Chest Press
This one is super easy too.  Again, make sure you grab your weights before you lay down so you don’t pull anything.  Start with your arms bent and explode up.  Again, don’t go crazy, keep it controlled.  Exploding up is just pushing up and making sure you give it your all!  

Forearm Plank
Hopefully we all know what a plank is, but it is a full body workout.  The forearm plank is just a different version of the regular plank because you are keeping your arms straight in front of you instead of interlocking your hands.  Try and hold this for a minute.  If you can’t hold it as long as you can.  If you get tired, drop for 3 seconds and then come back up and hold it for 10 seconds and keep repeating until that minute is up.  Also, make sure your back is flat.

Well, here is your good old fashioned pushup.  I do girl pushups because my back still isn’t back to it’s normal self.  For this picture I held the pushup position for a normal one, but all you do is go down to the ground without letting your legs and arms drop to the floor and push yourself back up keeping a flat back.

Remember how I told you I had bloopers and lovely fur children who like to “work out” with mom?  Enjoy!

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Please note I am not a doctor/physician/nutritionist.  These are all workouts that I have learned from the program I’m currently doing.  Please consult with your doctor prior to doing any of these workouts.