Shape Up Saturday Series: Halloween Themed Snacks


I’m always looking for healthier alternatives to a lot of different types of food and snacks.  I mean recently I made these delicious muffins and brownies.  Both were 21 day fix approved!  I’ll have to share those recipes one day here!  For today’s post I want to go into some fun Halloween themed snacks if you’re like me and LOVE Halloween or love when food is presented beautifuly.  I found these recipes on the Team Beach Body website.

Scoop out the pulp and add some delicious fruits and voila you have Jank O Lantern snacks.

A fun idea for this little snake with your snacks is to put him over hummus, that way you have a healthy dip underneath too.

I mean because I love candy corn and what not so I guess this is a good alternative haha.

I could eat eggs every single day so seeing this just makes my mouth water!


I still have to get this whole zucchini pasta thing down right.

Yogurt and some yummy fruits, voila fun little yogurt mix.